• How to resize a photo?

    Mikhail Proskalov
    Mikhail Proskalov
    August 17, 2012
    How to resize a photo?

    In our daily life, we often encounter a problem when we do not like our photos in size. For example, they are too large to be an avatar for a forum or some other site. Now I will tell you how to resize a photo.


    • Open the program Paint (It opens through Start - All programs - Standard).
    • Open our image.
    • Above we are looking for the tab "Main", then "Image". Click "Resize".
    • In the resize and tilt window we set the resolution we need, that is, the size.
    • Save our image.


    • Open the program and the image.
    • In the "Image" menu, click on "Image Size".
    • We set the size we need.
    • Save the image.

    But there is a simpler, and most importantly, a quick way! Using the following website:.

    You can perform some actions with photos online! Just upload an image and work with it, since the interface is intuitive.Now you know how to resize a photo.

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