• How to repaint in the brunette?

    Fashion now favors brunettes; it’s not for nothing that girls with dark hair often win in various beauty contests. If you, not being a dark-haired person by nature, want to turn into a brunette, do not rush to immediately implement this desire. Before you start experimenting with your appearance, listen to the advice of professional stylists.

    In nature, there are many shades of black, so everyone can choose the most suitable for her.

    How to repaint from the brown-haired woman to the brunette

    If you have white, without a hint of freckles, dark or light olive skin, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, bright lips and dark, cold-colored hair (light brown or dark brown), then you will really face the color of the raven wing . In this case, you can safely paint in a radical black color with a bluish tint.

    To dye your hair, purchase quality paint from a reputable manufacturer and then proceed according to the instructions attached to the paint box.Shades of black dye that dye hair in a resinous color usually have a corresponding trade name: “Black Abyss” from Palette XXL, “Blue-Black” from Syoss, “Ultra-Black” from Garnier, “Black Night” from L'Oreal.

    If you are brown-haired, but your hair is dark blond or brown with a warm golden sheen, then in order for dyed hair to look natural and not resemble a wig, you should choose the appropriate shade of dye - black, but warm, with a slight hint of brown, for example, “Black Chocolate” or “Black Vanilla” from L`Oreal.

    How to repaint from red to brunette

    Blue-black hair does not go completely on the nature of red women. Cold black can not be combined with peach skin, freckles and golden brown eyes. In addition, the red hair color is very stubborn, he strives to peep out from under the black dye. Therefore, if you definitely want to change the color of your hair, for their dyeing use not pure black paint, but warm shades of a very dark brown color or black paint with a reddish sheen (Garnier Black Cherry). But the paint with different shades of red can only be used if your eyes are gray or dark brown, and there is not a single freckle on the skin.

    How to repaint from blonde to brunette

    Natural blondes should dye their hair black with great care - such a dramatic change in appearance may not be good for them. But if you are internally ready for a radical change in your image, use the advice that we previously gave for brown-haired women. Blondes with an ash shade of hair can use pure black paint, blue paint or black paint with a purple tint. Golden blondes and girls with hair the color of ripe wheat is better to dye their hair not in pure black, but in paint with chocolate or coffee shades.

    If you are an unnatural blonde, be especially careful with black paint - on bleached hair, such paint often gives an unexpected green tint. Therefore, it is better for you to dye your hair at the hair salon - an experienced master will select and mix the necessary shades of black paint, and as a result you will really become a brunette, not a green-haired mermaid.

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