• How to remove Tuneup?

    Marina Nazarenko
    Marina Nazarenko
    February 27, 2013
    How to remove Tuneup?

    TuneUp Utilities is a paid set of utilities that include tools to optimize and customize Windows. This program is useful to fix all sorts of problems, improve computer performance or recover deleted files, as well as to clean your PC from accumulated debris.

    How to remove TuneUp Utilities from your computer

    Many users face this problem:

    When installing, the program is unpacked in the Program Files directory, but it is not realistic to find it later in “Programs and Components”. Therefore, a lot of questions arise how to remove tuneup from a computer if it is not visible. There are two main ways to solve a problem.

    How to remove tuneup utilities with a standard uninstaller

    • Push the start button.
    • Select the item "Control Panel".
    • Double click the mouse on the icon "Programs and components", so we open it.
    • In the list of programs we find the name "TuneUp Utilities".
    • Right-click on this name and select the item “Delete”.
    • Uninstalling the program will happen without your participation, just wait for it to finish.

    How to remove tuneup: reliable way

    Download and install a program called Unlocker, which is designed to remove problem files. With its help, even those files that cannot be deleted by ordinary methods, and those where the system notifies that "The file cannot be deleted, as it is being used by another application, are deleted."

    Find the folder with the installed program. Usually the program is located in the “Computer” tab on drive C in the “Program Files” folder. You need to find the name of the program "TuneUp Utilities 2012".

    Now it is necessary to delete all files and the directory itself. Unlocker should be used in cases of inefficiency of the usual removal process.

    The next step is to clean the registry. To do this, fit the program CCleaner, Wise Care 365 Pro. Try to use the second method to remove the program only in case of emergency, when the first is not valid.

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