• How to remove the stomach after cesarean section?

    During pregnancy, any mother will inevitably gain weight, and many people want to quickly return to their previous form. But after a cesarean section it is not so easy. The easiest way to lose weight is exercise, but those who have undergone a caesarean section cannot exercise and exercise is contraindicated in order not to damage the seam. How to remove the stomach after a cesarean section, without harming yourself or the baby? Let's see.

    Remove the stomach after cesarean: ways

    • The bandage - a special postpartum bandage will tighten the stomach and protect the suture from damage, you can do light exercises in it - consult with the doctors in the hospital, perhaps there is a gymnastics specialist. According to some sources, the bandage strengthens the abdominal muscles, while others, on the contrary, it relaxes them and without work they atrophy. Most likely, the bandage has an average between these two effects - it does not allow the stomach to hang and helps him to “remember” his position.The bandage protects from excessive loads, but allows you to do small, so that the muscles do not atrophy, but gradually gain tone.
    • Cosmetic procedures - special scrubs, creams, mud wraps - everything that tones the skin and removes subcutaneous fat. Excellent help to improve skin elasticity, reduce stretch marks and cellulite in the process of losing weight after cesarean section. In addition, all procedures are simply pleasant and will lift your spirits.
    • Sauna - it can also help remove excess deposits, especially if you combine it with a wrapping, but be careful if you have problems with blood pressure or very little time has passed after the operation.

    As the suture heals, with the permission of the doctor, you can begin to exercise:

    • Swing the press is the safest way to remove the abdomen, as it tones the abdominal muscles, which, while strengthening, can hold the abdomen, so it will stop bulging. Start with small loads - exercise until fatigue or tension in the muscles appears, but stop immediately if there is pain in the seam area.
    • The pool is at the same time both soft and rather heavy loading, swimming and special gymnastics require a large number of forces, water at the same time supports and complicates all movements.
    • Gym and aerobics - these types of activity are resolved after complete recovery after surgery, you can simultaneously develop all muscle groups or work specifically on the abdominal muscles.

    Caesarean section: what not to do

    • Diets Many people think that it is necessary to stop eating, because you can only remove the abdomen after a cesarean section and not, but this is a delusion. Hard diets are contraindicated for both breastfeeding moms and people who have recently undergone surgery, and you now have both of these factors. Options for soft diets for nursing mothers can be found on our website in the "diet" section. In general, you can recommend to eat less sweets, flour and fat and pay attention to fresh vegetables and fruits, oatmeal and cereals.
    • Starvation and overeating - your body is weak, and it can not cope with the lack of food, nor with its large volumes. When you are hungry, you put at risk your health and the health of your child, who will not receive important nutrients with milk. When you overeat, you unnecessarily load your digestive system, it produces as much energy as you cannot use and it is stored in reserve where it is comfortable for the body, and in your stomach there is plenty of room for new fat.
    • Drugs and dietary supplements for weight loss are all that you take, your child will receive with milk, your body is not stable anyway, do not endanger it, taking drugs for weight loss.

    There is no quick way to remove the abdomen after a cesarean section, no method will help you get in shape in one second. Have patience and persistently go to your goal and, in the end, with due diligence, you will definitely get back in shape and find a beautiful flat stomach.

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