• How to remove the sides in a day?

    Many would like to get rid of a couple of extra pounds and quickly. With the onset of summer, the girls begin to hurry and look for a method that helped to remove the sides in a day. Further, the article states how to speed up the process of losing weight, and whether it is possible to achieve a serious result in a day.

    So is it possible to remove the sides in a day?

    Despite the abundance of material on the topic of diets and how to lose weight, it will not be possible to find the magic diet that would make you lose cardinally in just one day. You can do physical exercises and achieve success in the fight against extra pounds, but such an amazing method of type, how to remove the stomach in a day, has also not yet been invented. Without physical effort, an integrated approach and in just one day, really nothing cardinal will come of it.

    Of course, you can resort to plastic surgery and get rid of excess fat deposits on any part of the body, including on the sides. But after this, a recovery postoperative period awaits the person, moreover, such services are not cheap.But the consequences for the body from surgery may be the most unpredictable.

    The most effective way to correct the figure is an integrated approach, namely - physical activity, balancing food and other activities.

    Physical exercises

    To get rid of excess fat on the sides developed a number of special exercises:

    • It will be necessary to do side bends, which need to be repeated 15-20 approaches left and right. In this case, one hand should lie on the belt, and the other must be held above the head and reach for it. In addition, it is possible to weight the exercise, which will make it more effective - to pick up dumbbells of 500 g each when performing approaches;
    • Circular movements of the pelvis are done like this - legs in a position at shoulder width, hands on a belt. They should be done daily for 12-15 movements in each direction;
    • Exercise "bicycle" with legs in the supine position is done like this: you should turn your legs to each side 20 times, as if you were pedaling;
    • Exercise swing feet to the side of the standing position is done in stages. To begin with, you should do 10-15 movements with each leg.You can do similar exercises, lying on your side.
    • Excellent exercises for the sides and abdomen are exercises with a hoop (hula hoop). Due to this, of course, it will not be possible to remove the sides in 2 days, but systematic exercises with this “simulator” will make the waist more thin. It is better to purchase not an ordinary iron hoop, but a special one with “spikes”, which can be bought in the sporting goods store. Its peculiarity is that from the inside such a hula-hoop is equipped with special balls, which during the rotation of the projectile massage the waist. Therefore, the use of such a hoop will be more effective for getting rid of fat on the sides.


    Exercise alone will not fix the results. Therefore, when trying to get rid of excess fat on the sides, you must also eat right. Here are some basic rules:

    • It should be excluded from the diet pasta, flour, baking, carbohydrates, which are quickly absorbed;
    • You need to eat as much raw vegetables and fruits as possible and less potatoes;
    • Be sure to eat lean meat (turkey, rabbit) and sea fish, as they contain the body's necessary proteins;
    • It is necessary to observe the water balance - you need to drink not less than 2 liters of pure water per day;
    • The diet should receive healthy carbohydrates with a long period of digestion: cereal, bran, bread.
    • You can also arrange fasting days: for example - using only apples, kefir or salads.

    Massage, wraps and other cosmetic procedures

    For 3 days to remove the sides is also not entirely realistic. But faster to achieve the desired result will help such procedures:

    • It is necessary to use the services of a professional masseuse and it will be very effective. But it is quite possible to do similar manipulations at home. Especially useful in this business honey anti-cellulite or vacuum massage;
    • It should be done wrapping procedure with clay. To do this, use blue, black or white clay, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or cosmetics store. Clay is diluted with water, applied to problem areas and wrapped around the body with food film for 1-2 hours. This creates the effect of the sauna, and the fat on the sides is simply “heated”;
    • Peeling using scrubs cleanse the skin of toxins. This will improve the skin color and cleanse it.You can buy or prepare the scrub yourself. Regular peeling of the abdomen and sides, for example, ground coffee, in combination with other procedures, will make the waist more thin, and the skin on it - soft and smooth.

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