• How to remove the old parquet

    If your flooring ceased to please the eyes and ears, it means that repair has matured. Repairs may be minor, replacing some fragments, changing the lacquer coating, removing scratches, potholes, irregularities, etc. If the parquet planks are well preserved, the parquet has a good color, then you can simply sort it out. Well, if there are a lot of such defects, then it is time to change the flooring, replace it with a laminate or floorboard. But no matter what difficulties you may have on your way, remember, repair of a parquet nevertheless carries more advantages than its replacement.
    When dismantling the parquet, the main task is not to damage the bottom part of the riveting, that is, the part into which the nail is hammered. Therefore, punch the nail in the old riveting into the floor through the riveting with a doboynik.
    Riveting is removed simply, if it is not glued (but before the parquet was not glued). If there are still glued rivets on the parquet, then punch the nails through them, and then tap the riveting itself with an ax, separating it from the floor itself. If there is still some glued part on the bottom side, then clean it with an ax.
    But the most difficult thing is the dismantling of the parquet laid on the resin, since in such a parquet there are no nails, and the removed rivets are smeared with resin, which is very difficult to clean. If you restore the same parquet, then find the narrowest riveting and make all the others by its size. By standard, riveting should be the same size, but in fact they differ by 1-3 mm.
    Often, during the operation of a parquet floor, individual strips fall out or wear out so much that they have to be replaced with new ones.
    If you need to replace only individual strips, then cut down the comb, remove the old plank, clear a place under it, insert a new one and nail it with a front side.

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