• How to remove the front hub?

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    How to remove the front hub?

    While the vehicle is moving, all its systems must be in working condition. This also applies to the car's suspension. If while driving on a turn, a hum is heard and there is a vibration on the steering wheel, this may indicate that the hub of the car is faulty. The cause may be the wear of the bearings. Consider how to remove the front hub. But before it is necessary to decide which of the hubs (right or left) there was a malfunction.

    Hub removal process

    To remove the hub, you must have

    • jack;
    • wheel wrench and wheel wrench.


    1. Install the vehicle on a level surface. The shift lever in the car must be in neutral. There should be stops under the rear wheels to prevent the car from rolling. The handbrake handle must be raised as high as possible.
    2. Next, with the help of a jack should be in turn to raise the front wheels. They need to be scrolled by hand to find out if the bearing noise is audible.
    3. After it is determined in which of the hubs a malfunction is detected, the machine must be lowered with the help of a jack. The bolts that fasten the wheel, you need to unscrew and loosen the bearing fixing nut a few turns. The car is jacked up again. The desired side is installed on a rigid support.
    4. The wheel from the car is removed and unscrew the mounting bolts. As a result, the brake mechanism is released from attachment. In order for it not to interfere with further work, it is taken aside and the fastening nut is unscrewed on the rotary axle.
    5. After these manipulations, the front hub is removed using hands or a universal puller.
    6. Replace the bearings. And in reverse order is the assembly.

    Experts recommend to check the hub and steering knuckle for the absence or presence of cracks. It also does not hurt to check the condition of the gland. If necessary, apply a special lubricant on the back side of the inner gland.

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