• How to remove the assembly?

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    How to remove the assembly?

    Assembly shooting is a video capture technique in which the sequence of the footage coincides with the sequence of installation frames of the finished product. This technique helps to quickly bring the product to the final stage and to avoid installation, which is very important, for example, for reportage shots and news, where everything is aimed at efficiency.

    Let's see how to shoot the installation, so that later on we had to do video editing in the shortest possible time or not at all.

    Montage shooting

    Before proceeding to the installation of shooting, it is necessary to consider a few points:

    1. When the operator begins to record the first shots on the camera, he must clearly understand what he should have in the end, so before starting the shooting he should think over the plot.
    2. When shooting, follow the script.
    3. Do intersections and transition frames. In this case, you will not need to apply fades and crossovers to move one frame to another. Such advice is particularly applicable during the filming of the report.
    4. The end of one footage element must coincide with the beginning of another.
    5. It is also necessary to shoot a scene from several angles. Then the editor will be able to choose the type that best suits this or that moment. In addition, it is important not to forget about the large, medium and general plans.
    6. If the operator sees that the scene has failed, then in this case, you can make a double (and sometimes not one), and then choose the best option.
    7. It will be much easier for the installer to do his job if you, while filming an interview, record the names and positions of the people you work with. Then at installation the worker will add this information.
    8. During shooting, all shots must be completed (that is, you can not interrupt the speaker in the middle of a sentence).
    9. It is also worth as much as possible to shoot B-Roll (a short clip containing additional information). Without this detail, the shooting frames will not get so good and connected.
    10. Many experts recommend starting and finishing a long shot, the frames should be connected with different intraframe techniques.

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