• How to remove standard games?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    January 31, 2013
    How to remove standard games?

    One of the components of any version of Windows is a set of standard games. This structure traditionally includes various solitaires and the game "Minesweeper". In addition, in the latest versions the following applications have been added: “Checkers”, “Backgammon”, “Peaks”, and also “Chess”, in which you can play alone or with your opponent online.

    Removing games in Windows 7 and Vista

    Standard Windows games help pass the time at the computer, but sometimes their presence causes inconvenience. They can distract an employee who is supposed to work, or a student using a computer to do homework.

    In this case, these games can and should be disabled. This is done through the "Control Panel". In Windows 7, locate the “Programs and Features” icon. Open this menu. On the side, select the "Turn Windows features on or off" submenu. You will see a window with a list of all available standard components of this operating system.

    Find the Games folder in this list and uncheck it. This will remove all standard Windows games.Through the same menu, you can add games if they are not installed. By opening the Games folder, the user has the option to install or uninstall a particular game, regardless of other applications.

    Removing games in the old version of Windows

    If an older system is installed on your computer - Windows XP or Windows 98, then open the control panel and go to the “Add or Remove Programs” menu. Next, select "Install Windows Components". Here go to the submenu "Standard and utility programs", in which select "Games". From the window that appears, you can remove and install these game programs.

    Some users worry that the games may take up too much space on the hard disk of the computer, and that is why they are trying to learn how to delete standard games. If this is the only reason for wanting to remove the standard set of games, then do not worry, because these games are not able to take up a lot of disk space on modern computers.

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