• How to remove stains from chocolate?

    What could be more beautiful than a moment of pleasure when you eat a few pieces of your favorite chocolate or candy for dessert? It’s not for nothing that the conducted studies confirm that this particular product is able to relieve depression by stimulating the production of happiness hormones. But there is a sweetness and one drawback - it often leaves behind difficult stains. The problem becomes especially serious when the treat is in the hands of children.

    But do not prematurely deny yourself the pleasure, even if in your home designer furniture and expensive carpets. We have prepared for you several effective ways to quickly help cope with such troubles.

    Tasty but dirty

    Why is it so difficult to wash the stains left by your favorite sweetness? The reason is simple: chocolate contains fats, which are known to be difficult to remove from any surface. In addition, not all stain removers are gentle, sometimes they can damage the fabric.

    First, let's figure out how to get rid of stains, depending on the prescription of their appearance:

    Fresh dirt on clothes is much easier to remove, so do not hesitate:

    • The easiest way is to use soap. First, try to wash the product off, then rub it with soap and leave. After 10-15 minutes wash.
    • If there is an opportunity to soak a thing, then take milk as an aid. Soak it in a soiled area of ​​fabric, let it stand and wash it in a typewriter.
    • At home, you can also use saline. Soak a piece of clothing where a stain has formed, and after a few minutes, wipe the area with ammonia and rinse thoroughly.

    Dealing with old pollution is more difficult, but it is possible:

    • The most effective folk remedy in this case is peroxide. It is especially effective for white things. Rinse the area with soap and rinse after 15 minutes.
    • Another tool that has been used for several decades - warm glycerine. Wipe the cloth moistened in glycerin with a cotton swab, and after a while rinse thoroughly.The undoubted advantage of the tool is that it can be used for delicate fabrics - wool and silk.

    We cope with the problem within the house

    We are even more horrified by the chocolate that fell on the upholstery of the sofa or, worse, the fleecy carpet.

    In this case, the sooner the problem is detected, the better. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of pollution the fastest:

    1. Clean off the remaining chocolate with the blunt side of the knife. If the product is already softened, you can attach a small piece of ice, then it will be easier to remove.
    2. Use carpet stain remover, but before that, check it on a small area so as not to spoil the coating.
    3. After applying the stain remover, thoroughly wash it off with warm water.
    4. If the tool does not work or does not fit, do not overtighten and give the carpet to dry cleaning.

    The easiest way to get rid of dirt on upholstered furniture is a soapy solution. Use a damp cloth to wipe the problem area, and after several times wet the area with a wet sponge.

    Get rid of chocolate stains on things and household items is quite possible, but the main thing to remember is, before using, be sure to examine the composition of the thing and do not forget to test the tool.

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