• How to remove hair permanently?

    Before looking for ways to remove hair permanently from the skin of the face and other parts of the body, you should find out the reason for excessive hair growth. According to experts, women most often appear excessive vegetation in such cases:

    • menopause;
    • genetic predisposition;
    • disruption of the hormonal system, when the body produces an increased amount of male hormones;
    • puberty, which initiates a change in the structure of the hair, that is, if the hairs on the skin of the girl were barely noticeable, they begin to coarse, turn a dark color;
    • with hirsutism - a disease in which the presence in the woman's body of a large number of male sex hormones is characteristic (the older a woman becomes, the more hair appears on her body).

    Drug hair removal

    In order to remove facial hair permanently, you can use hormones. But first you need to visit a doctor who will help determine the cause of the appearance of excess vegetation.Do not forget that taking all medicines should be coordinated with a specialist, and not take them uncontrollably. So, medications that reduce hair growth on the skin include:

    • "Spironolactone" - a drug that blocks the effect of androgens on the hair follicles and at the same time stops the formation of androgens in the body.
    • Birth control pills. However, only some drugs from this group contribute to a significant decrease in body hair.
    • "Ketoconazole" reduces the formation of male hormones in the female body, thereby reducing the amount of hair on the skin.

    The hormonal system requires a lot of attention, so once again we will emphasize that taking any of the above drugs should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. Do not prescribe your own medicines if you are not a specialist in medicine and pharmaceuticals.

    Cosmetic hair removal

    Today, most women prefer to use cosmetic methods to remove hair on their legs forever. To do this, they turn to beauty salons or use devices for hair removal at home.You can also remove hair with the help of cosmetics in the bikini area, on the face, on the arms and on other parts of the body.

    Salon ways to remove hair

    How to remove unwanted hair permanently? You will be helped by various types of modern epilation, which are offered in beauty salons. These include photo epilation, electrolysis, laser hair removal and Elos hair removal.

    Photoepilation The essence of the method lies in the fact that a beam of concentrated light treats skin areas. This light enters the hair follicle, destroys it and blocks hair growth. The darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the more effective this method of epilation works. Photoepilation gives a long-term, and in some cases a permanent effect, eliminating unwanted hair forever.

    Electrolysis A very thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle and destroys it with the help of a current. Hair stops growing. To achieve the desired effect is better to spend 5-7 procedures.

    Laser hair removal. The hair bulb and its root are destroyed by a laser. Laser hair removal is best for removing dark hair. You also need to repeat the procedure several times.

    Elos hair removal is a photo- and electrolysis together. Thus, the hair bulb is destroyed under the simultaneous influence of current and light. This is the most modern method that will forever relieve all unwanted hair.

    Hair removal by folk methods

    How to remove hair forever folk remedies? There are several options.

    To remove unwanted facial hair, use a solution of the drug "Rivanol" 1: 1000. They need to lubricate the skin, and soon the hair on it will cease to grow. Also from the hair on the face helps the juice of wild grapes, which also need to wipe the skin.

    Shugaring will help to get rid of hair on legs and arms. Take 3 tbsp. l water, 200 g of sugar and citric acid. Sugar mixed with acid, then add water and cook, stirring constantly until the mixture begins to resemble a paste of consistency. Then the mixture is slightly cooled and applied to the hair in the form of heat. When the tool dries, pull it against hair growth.

    Make an epilation in the bikini area will help potassium permanganate. We mix a little potassium permanganate with water and do steam baths for the intimate zone once a day for twenty minutes.Soon the hair will start to fall out.

    Another option is to take 40 grams of seeds of dioecious (!) Nettle pound and pour vegetable oil (100 ml.). Then you need to insist for two weeks, and then strain the infusion and store in a jar with a lid. This tool is used twice a day, they lubricate the skin.

    There are many means and methods for hair removal, but are they effective? Is it possible to remove hair permanently? Yes it is possible. The best options are salon procedures, the most effective hair removal, the types of which we described above.

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