• How to remove dust?

    It brings a person a lot of inconvenience and problems. Because of it, the computer system unit can falter and stop working. From it, people often sneeze, cough, and it is precisely to her that many have a terrible allergy. Dust - this is what you need to fight all the time, otherwise it will block a person’s path to clean air and reward with a bunch of all sorts of diseases. How to remove dust effectively and for a long time?

    Absolute cleaners get rid of dust in the apartment at least fifty times a day. This, of course, is good on the one hand, but from another point of view it is troublesome to do only cleaning and dusting.

    Dust is the most common, so to speak, "home". With it you can say goodbye with the help of not tricky household items. But how to remove construction dust after repair, we will find out a little later. There are other ways to remove dirt from the dusty atmosphere.

    Household Dust Cleaning

    So, in order to remove ordinary dust, you need to stock up with a mop, cloth, bucket with clean water and household chemicals. By the way, you should purchase special wipes for wet cleaning in the store in advance, which do not leave unpleasant stains behind.There are sponges on which there is a hard layer for high-quality dusting.

    Household chemicals flourish year after year. Now they have invented the spray, which helps to get rid of dust on household appliances for a whole month. Just 15 minutes to spend on cleaning, for then you can enjoy a clean TV screen for a long time. By the way, the same furniture can be cleaned of dust with the help of such a miraculous spray that removes static stress from the surface of objects.

    Dusting the music

    There are a variety of recommendations and tips on how to remove dust. But agree that each of us has their own. Some buy all the cleaning products and detergents in the store, others like aromatics from dirt to taste, and others like beautiful bright beaters with a long handle that will gently relieve any object from annoying dust. Very good, if the cleaning will take place in a pleasant atmosphere and in a cheerful mood. You can all home for a while to spend on the street, to the store or just isolate in a separate room. Well, and to bring the room in order by turning on your favorite energetic music for excitement.The compositions will set the pace for harvesting and will not allow this vital process to drag on until midnight.

    Construction dust removal

    Repair of the premises is a good thing, except that a huge amount of dirt remains after it. How to remove construction dust so that there is no trace and smell from it?

    Construction dust, as a rule, does not come alone. She also brings a solution of cement with her, which has the remarkable ability to harden where he likes most. It turns out that ordinary detergents will not cope with all this dirty lawlessness, so you need to call for help a special professional tool with the specific name Cementyl. In its composition are acidic components that can dissolve the construction of compressed dust and hardened cement. Cement is dissolved in a bucket of clean, warm water. The ratio of the following proportions - 50 parts of water for the same number of parts of detergent.

    Dust cleaning products

    How to remove dust quickly and efficiently? One of the best dust cleaning products is a microfiber cloth. It does not electrify, is quite soft, and after it there are no small nasty villi on the treated objects.There is also an original steam cleaner that helps brush away spider webs and dust from higher inaccessible surfaces.

    Before cleaning the dust, it is necessary to open all the vents and windows. This is done so that the dust can easily leave the premises on its own and give a full access of pure oxygen to your cleaned apartment.

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