• How to remove a sharp headache folk remedies

    First of all, take off the headdress from the head so that nothing would interfere with the free circulation of blood. Drink water to make the blood thinner and relieve vasospasm. Lie down in a quiet dark room.
    Make an intense massage of the fingers. Start the massage with your thumb. Greater emphasis on the upper part, where the nail. Do the same with other fingers.
    Perform acupressure. In turn, intensively, but not to pain, massage for one minute the points: above the bridge of the nose, in the temporal fossae, in the pits slightly below the outer corners of the eyes and the point in the upper part of the head, located in the middle of the imaginary line from ear to ear.
    Separate the white flesh from the lemon peel (2-3 cm in diameter) and apply it with the wet side to the temple for a while. When a red spot forms on this spot, brush with Vaseline.
    Take a soft wool fabric (strip width 6-8 cm). Put it on your head so that the front fabric covers your eyebrows, and the back passes under the occipital protuberance. It improves blood flow.
    If other remedies do not help, put garlic gruel on the temples (on gauze) or rub them with Star balm, the wet side of the radish cut in half.

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