• How to remake an old sweater: 15 interesting, cozy and warm ideas

    The approach of winter cold makes you hide your favorite short dresses, checkered shirts and give preference to something knitted, woolen and warm. Surely each of us has a sweater in our wardrobe hats, which we will definitely never wear. Do not rush to throw it away. Since today we have prepared 15 incredible ideas that allow you to convert an old unnecessary sweater into an interesting, fashionable or practical thing for your wardrobe or home.

    1. Knitted skirt

    Warm and knitted skirts are one of the main “must have” of this season. A self-respecting fashionista does not necessarily run around all the boutiques of the city in search of a model that will sit like a glove. We suggest over-stocking your closet and making one of the most ordinary sweaters. And for such a new thing you just need: scissors, thread, perhaps gum, pins for measurements.Of course, if you skillfully use a sewing machine, and there is one in the house, the process will go much faster. In general, you cut off the necessary part of the sweater, sweep the cropped side, if necessary, insert a rubber band or a lock. Half an hour and your skirt is ready.

    2. Dress: option 1


    From a large size pullover, you can create a very nice dress that will not only warm you in cold evenings, but also emphasize your slimness. How to sew such a miracle dress, shown in the following photo. For extra extravagance, we advise you to sew leather details on your elbows, belt or collar.

    3. Dress: Option 2

    This dress option is suitable even for an important event or a New Year's party. It is enough to add a skirt, a collar and cuffs of lace or any other delicate fabric to the sweater. Such bows in the trend of the season autumn-winter 2016-2017.

    4. Warm hat

    All ingenious is simple. We take a sweater, cut out two sides along the contours of a sample, sew. A warm, sweet and bright hat will warm your ears in the most severe cold.

    5. Mitts and mittens

    How to remake an old sweater: 15 interesting, cozy and warm ideas
    You should not spend time on knitting or money to buy mittens that will hide hands from the first frost. You can easily make mittens from an old sweater yourself, here it is written how.And to replace the mittens are perfect fashionable mitts without fingers, made from the sleeves of the old sweater.

    6. A new life

    Favorite sweater out of fashion? It does not matter. How about at the expense of diluting it with all the same lace? Particularly elegant and fashionable look gentle inserts in the neck and in the neckline on the back. We recommend to sew lace manually.

    7. Designer Plaid

    If you have already accumulated a whole stack of recyclable materials, then you will have a wonderful original rug. Woolen sweaters should dump. To do this, we place the blanks in a pillowcase in a washing machine for the longest mode and strong spin. Next, the mode of the sweater for squares with a side of 26.5 and 15 cm. Staple. It is more convenient and faster to do this with the help of a sewing machine. However, hand sewing with large stitches will add a special coloring to the rug.

    8. Original bag

    Designers claim that a girl should have as many bags as a pair of shoes. Let's add a homemade version to our collection. The instruction is simple: cut out the workpiece as in the photo, sew it and turn it inside out.

    9. Fashion Lens

    Prices for trendy scarfs from famous brands are simply exorbitant.So the idea of ​​such an accessory with your own hands from an old sweater is like many people. The knitwear suit is best for our scarf. Cut off the neck and sleeves, sew the sides, sew on the fold with hand stitches and voila - your neck is always warm.

    10. Bed for cats

    In the wild winter cold freeze not only us. Our pets also want cozy and warm houses to curl up on a cool night. Armed with a pillow, scissors and needles, it is very easy to build a soft lounger for your favorite fluffy.

    11. Suit for dogs

    On the eve of the New Year, please warm your dog with a warm new dress. Of course, for large breeds of your favorites, this idea will not work, but small four-legged friends will be incredibly grateful to you. For this we need only a sleeve in which we make slots for the legs.

    12. Winter pillow covers

    An old sweater will be an excellent basis for warming your pillows. On the buttons, clasps, solid - there is a place to roam the fantasy.

    13. Leg warmers

    Once the leggings put dancers into use in order to warm the ligaments and prevent the occurrence of injuries. In the 80s, this garment came into vogue and remains popular to this day.And from today you do not have to spend money on the purchase of leggings - the sleeves of the old knitted sweater will do an excellent job with this function, and will keep your slim legs warm.

    14. Slippers

    17The old sweater will serve for a long time if you make cozy indoor slippers out of it. We create them on the principle of gaiter, sewing insoles or individual pieces of a sweater to the feet. The practicality of such sneakers is that you can change their soles at least every month.

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