• How to relax in Cyprus?

    Of course, we all come to the island in pursuit of new experiences. After all, here are the remains of the most ancient and famous civilizations. But any tourist program is designed not only for active excursions, but also for a no less pleasant holiday, which beaches along the entire Mediterranean coast can provide. That is why we will talk about the most interesting and exotic places that are definitely worth a visit.


    Coral Bay in Paphos

    Perfect for both single and family holidays. The picturesque bay, perfect purity, mysterious boulders, caves, mini-pools and cozy restaurants around create an incredible, attractive atmosphere. It is worth noting that this beach is considered one of the safest. It is not surprising that his visit includes many last-minute tours to Cyprus, the cost of which, as a rule, is considered completely with all expenses, including beaches and excursions.


    Petra tou Romiou

    If you believe the ancient legends, it was here that the world famous goddess of love Aphrodite was born.And although the sea in this place is not so calm, staying on the beach will bring many pleasant moments - cliffs of light stone, clear water and blue sky create an unusual beauty, greatness and harmony.


    Pissouri Beach

    The most suitable bay for diving. Transparent, warm sea, a safe bottom and an unusual underwater world give a great holiday, unforgettable adventures and interesting discoveries. It could be better that the tours to the UAE in September.



    Swim in this place, perhaps, does not work out. But you can freely admire the magnificent sea sunsets and the ancient amphitheater. And besides, to evaluate the competition sailing, fearlessly maneuvering over the steep waves.


    Ladies Mile

    One of the best beaches to stay with children - the purest sand, shallow bottom and clear water give a truly full, relaxing holiday. To the delight of nature lovers, here you can find real white pelicans and find the most unusual shells.


    We named only a few of the most popular places. Although there are a lot of such beaches on the island. And if you want to really relax in unity with extraordinary nature - notbag and buy a ticket! Moreover, the air temperature and weather conditions allow you to enjoy the trip at almost any time of the year!

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