• How to register in contact without e-mail?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    June 17, 2011
    How to register in contact without e-mail?

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    How to register in contact without e-mail?

    Since February 2011, the rules for registering Vkontakte have changed. If earlier it was possible to register yourself, then from February 2011 the registration through invitations appeared. Naturally, this method has become very inconvenient for many people who want to start their Vkontakte page, people began to look for a way to register without an invitation. Therefore, now there is a registration using a mobile phone.

    How to register in contact without e-mail? Due to such changes, users have the opportunity to register in contact without specifying their e-mail box. Registration can be made in two accounts - you just need to go to the site and select the "Registration" section. Then do everything by points, and at the end of registration you will need to enter your phone number. The phone is needed so that the page becomes attached to it, and not to the e-mail, so that in case of hacking you can easily regain access.This phone will receive a free sms with a code that will need to be entered in a certain window. Congratulations, now you are registered in contact! A small note: only one page can be registered for one number.

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