• How to register in contact without a phone?

    Vkontakte is one of the most popular social networks among Russians. Every day thousands of new users are registered in it. When registering on the site is required to enter your personal data. Registration is free and easy, even a primary school student can register in contact. With the growth of hacks and spam in the social network, the management of the site periodically changes the registration rules. Over time, they became much tougher than before. And now the Internet is full of questions from users about how to register in contact without entering a mobile phone and a code that should come in an SMS message.

    The opportunity for new users to register on the network has reappeared on the social network Vkontakte. But now in order to register, you need to confirm the reality of your identity through a mobile phone number and at the invitation of userswho managed to recognize on a cell phone.

    You can register a new user only in exchange for his mobile phone number. On his official page, the creator of the Vkontakte website, Pavel Durov, said that only those users who linked their page to a mobile phone number and can confirm that they can access it have the right to invite other participants to the social network. Users who want to take advantage of this offer will receive an invitation by SMS.

    Why do I need a mobile number?

    For what account in the social network "Vkontakte" should be tied to a mobile phone number? Linking an account to a cell phone has two main objectives:

    • Security. Registering with a mobile phone number makes spammers almost impossible.
    • Support for mobile social network services.

    However, in the future, the creators of "Vkontakte" want to abandon the binding of the account to the email address. So they want to increase the protection of profiles and protect users from spam.

    Registration without a phone number

    How to register in contact without a mobile phone and SMS? You cannot activate your page without entering a mobile phone number. Therefore, if you want to become a user of the social network “Vkontakte”, you need to purchase a mobile phone or at least take it from someone from your family. Without validating the page via a mobile phone, you will not be able to add friends, join groups and write private messages. Page validation requires entering a mobile phone number. The phone must be in working condition. After that, the phone will receive an SMS with a code, which must then be entered into a special form. In the future, you should click the "Send" button.

    If you already have a Vkontakte page and it is tied to your mobile phone number, then unfortunately it’s impossible to create a second page with the same number. We'll have to get a new SIM card. Now there are a lot of promotions for the free distribution of SIM cards. You can also contact your nearest cellular company and donate 5 minutes to get a new number.

    Do not be afraid that you need to specify your mobile phone number.For sending SMS messages, money will not be withdrawn from you, registration on the Vkontakte website is a completely free process.

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