• How to reduce appetite?

    Appetite can be characterized as a reflex that encourages food intake, or simply the desire to eat. A healthy appetite is absolutely normal and even necessary. However, increasing it can cause overweight or evidence of numerous health problems. Therefore, in this article we will describe how to reduce the appetite and what effective methods for this exist.

    Causes of increased appetite

    The reasons for the development of excessive appetite can be many. Most often it is a serious disease, among which are the following:

    • diseases of the digestive tract;
    • diabetes;
    • hypoglycemic syndrome;
    • thyroid disease;
    • worms;
    • endocrine system pathologies;
    • a brain tumor.

    Often, an increase in appetite develops on the background of the use of hormonal preparations and products containing insulin. In addition, this phenomenon is very often the result of psychological problems, among which there is a strong nervous shock, regular stressful states,states of apathy and depression. And, of course, appetite increases during pregnancy and PMS.

    How to reduce appetite: basic recommendations

    Specialists of one of the main reasons for increasing appetite called non-compliance with the diet. Therefore, they recommend eating a little, but often, so that the body does not have time to feel the feeling of hunger. In addition, you should distribute the basic amount of food per day for breakfast and lunch. Only 20% of this amount must be left for dinner. Slow chewing of food also contributes to fast hunger.

    Water also helps reduce appetite, filling the stomach and reducing the amount of food needed. Therefore, half an hour before a meal, it is recommended to drink a glass of boiled water or green tea. Not bad before a meal, rinse your mouth with mint decoction, which also helps reduce appetite.

    Many nutritionists advise not to get involved in various flavors, exclude spices and seasonings from the diet. This approach is due to the fact that they contribute to an increase in appetite and provoke a false sense of hunger.

    An important criterion in this matter is the psychological mood, sports and healthy sleep.You should avoid stressful situations, perform at least light exercise during the day and go to bed before midnight. In addition, it is very important that the sleep time be at least 8 hours, since lack of sleep provokes an increase in appetite: this way the body tries to fill the lack of energy. Read more on this topic in our article How not to eat a lot.

    Appetite Reduction Products

    If you are wondering how to reduce your appetite, you should be aware of those products whose consumption significantly reduces the feeling of hunger. Among them, first of all, it is necessary to name foods rich in fiber, which quickly causes satiety. In addition, it is recommended food containing a large amount of iodine, normalizing metabolism. Therefore, very useful seafood and fish of different varieties. A lot of iodine is also found in pears and onions.

    To reduce appetite, you need to use products that increase the production of serotonin. Among them is to provide lentils, peas, oatmeal, beans and cottage cheese. You also need more often to eat food that is rich in chromium, which normalizes blood sugar levels and at the same time reduces appetite.To do this, you should eat cheese, liver and whole-wheat flour.

    Experts advise before eating to eat a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, which quickly saturates the body and causes a feeling of satiety. They also recommend replacing various pastries and sweets with fruits.

    Broth for reducing appetite

    Today, there are a huge number of recipes for various herbal preparations that help reduce appetite. Here are the most common and effective ones:

    • Mix half-hearted hypericum grass, strawberry leaves, thorns and rosehips. 2 tablespoons of the mixture should be filled with 1.5 cups of boiling water, insist in a thermos for 2 hours, then strain. This drink should be drunk half an hour before meals every day.
    • Yarrow grass, mint leaves and black currant, rowan fruits and chamomile flowers should be mixed equally. 2 tablespoons of raw materials pour 1.5 glass of water and brewed in a thermos for 3 hours. The broth should be drunk 15 minutes before meals for 1 glass.
    • 100 g of common heather and sage are mixed, then 2 tablespoons of raw material is poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for 30 minutes, filtered.Means to drink three times a day before meals.

    Alternative methods

    Today, to reduce appetite, you can resort to the use of certain medications, but many of them have a whole list of side effects. The so-called anorectics are divided into adrenaline and serotonin. The first act on the nerve endings, provoking activity and excessive arousal, repulse appetite, and the latter block the body's need for carbohydrates and fats. Both species have numerous contraindications and are not recommended for use without consulting a doctor.

    As for the surgical interventions, by means of which the appetite decreases, they are still at the stage of study, since they do not give the necessary results. The implantation of the electrostimulator of the stomach, which provokes its relaxation and, consequently, a feeling of satiety, did not have much success and did not meet the expectations of patients.

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