• How to recognize poor-quality cosmetics before purchase?

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    Anya Solntseva
    Anya Solntseva
    Answered on November 20, 2014 19:51
    Recognize low-quality cosmetics can be at a price. Cheap takes quantity, not quality. General recommendations are difficult to give, I will say about the mascara. More or less high-quality mascara is sold in a package if it is covered with mica even better. But this does not mean that you can not see the tube. Self-respecting seller has a copy for demonstration. The tube must be tightly screwed, and when you take out the brush, neither under the lid nor on the stick connecting it to the brush should there be any carcass, otherwise lumps will start to appear quickly, and why do you need it. On the brush mascara should be distributed evenly and not hang down from the edge.
    Answered on February 20, 2015 13:58
    If you choose lipstick, pay attention to the smell. In counterfeits, in addition to perfume, it gives away something still, felt on the back of the nasopharynx.The consistency of lipstick is very greasy, if you look at the color, it is more gray than the original. When the lipstick is applied to the lips, it has a nasty taste, as does the smell. To better feel the taste, you can make your lips a little and breathe in through them.

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