• How to recognize a Russian tourist abroad?

    With each of us, it happened that while on vacation somewhere abroad we are trying to solve our compatriot at a distance - by clothes and accessories, gestures and facial expressions - just until we hear what language he speaks and the game already ceases to be so interesting. Returning from summer holidays, we editorial collective mind tried to collect in one material the distinctive features of "our" tourists, to unravel why foreigners are so interested in the question why russians do not smile, and simply in a good way to laugh.

    Postage on photos

    How to recognize a Russian tourist abroad?

    Our girls are not born models, but become, posing against the statues, at the entrance to the hotel and on the hood of a rental car. If you see a girl on the seashore, who has already taken ten different positions in the frame, and each one is like your childhood friend from Odnoklassniki, then you are exactly our people. Inquisitively wait until all the tourists have left the monumentto clasp it in your arms and lift one leg back, as well as to occupy a place under the sun at the very edge of the water, so that in the picture everything looks as if it is a private beach (preferably with a geotag at the deluxe resort), the two most common photographic “harmful habits "Russian.

    Men in swimming trunks

    How to recognize a Russian tourist abroad?

    In Europe, bathing shorts, which we affectionately call “chaykahs”, are the uniform of representatives of homosexual orientation, who, with their tanned bodies (google “Stefano Gabbana on the beach”), occupy entire beaches marked Gay Friendly. In our same solidly and irreparably heterosexual male tourists, relations with triangular swimming trunks are built on one-sided love: the peasants adore them faithfully, but they have absolutely nothing to show in such an open bathing suit.

    "Front" appearance

    How to recognize a Russian tourist abroad?

    In this category, girls who travel with girlfriends present themselves with the giblets. In their manner of painting and dressing, they remind the participants of the Miss Universe contest - here you have a defile in bathing suits and evening dresses for a hotel dinner. Our compatriots, even on vacation, do not forget about make-up, draw eyebrows,impose a tone and emphasize with a pencil the lips, but at the same time (this is a paradox!), hair is always placed in the same hairstyle - a thin tail is clearly at the level of the nape.

    Dislike for compatriots

    How to recognize a Russian tourist abroad?

    Hearing our native speech behind our back, our man is very upset: well, he specifically came to “non-touristic” time or hired a car to get to the “non-touristic” attraction, and here again the Russians. Seeing his own and making sure that they understand Russian, our man immediately stops the family clashes, lowers his voice to a quiet bass, but continues to observe the behavior of compatriots frowningly, studying what the competitor is interested in and what the tourist is trying to.

    All the best at once

    How to recognize a Russian tourist abroad?

    It seems that we have H & M and Uniqlo not far from the central metro stations, but some kind of natural bad taste still at times firmly prevails. That is, things look new, not cheap, not from the “market”, but an absurd combination of colors (for example, red and gold), an abundance of sparkles or ryushechek, frankly fitting, like a sausage wrapper, style spoils the whole picture. All elegant, coarse and complex - purely Russian style.As for men, individuals in sandals with socks are now in the minority, but stripes, giant logos and tight-fitting leotards are still present.

    First in line

    How to recognize a Russian tourist abroad?

    Our people relaxed as if they were not accustomed - they are waiting for a dirty trick, a deception, or at least awkward discomfort. That is why the expression of the face of a Russian tourist is always the same disgruntled and wary look, the same one that occurs at rush hour at eight in the morning in a crowded subway car. The muscles of the face and body of our man seem to be constantly in some kind of anticipated tension: “What if this Arab on the beach wants to steal something from me?”, “And what if all the seats in the plane take and I have to fly standing?” “What if this is not a guide at all, but a foreign spy thief?”

    Aversion to a smile

    How to recognize a Russian tourist abroad?

    For all of the above signs are suspected Russian people? Try him to smile, and doubts will be resolved. Our people react to a smile as an insult: smiles - it means, it mocks or scoffs, because it has discovered something absurd in appearance. The first reaction will be alertness and distrust (at this moment our person thinksDoesn't your smile mean that he has a dirty T-shirt or that his mouth is dirty in wine), and then he can go to silent or verbal aggression.

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