• How to read the correspondence in the contact?

    Andrey Kresrerev
    Andrey Kresrerev
    April 14, 2015
    How to read the correspondence in the contact?

    Surely each of us had the idea to find out what our friends write to other people. Especially jealous persons who suspect something of their soul mate think about this.

    How to read someone else's correspondence VKontakte and is it even possible to do this?

    Hacking correspondence

    In fact, there are no legal ways to hack someone else's correspondence. You can use spyware, but much of what is offered on the network can harm your computer. Hacking someone else's mail is a violation of confidentiality, and is punishable by law. But if you nevertheless decided on such a risky step, read on.

    A proven method of hacking is the use of the program. It is specially created to crack accounts of users of VKontakte. True, an important condition for using this program is to have friendship with the person whose account you want to hack.That is, you must send a request to friends, and the person in turn must accept this request.

    The program allows you to read outgoing and incoming letters from VK users. However, it can not allow the attacker to write messages on behalf of the user.

    1. To get started, download and install the program. In this case, you must disable the antivirus, otherwise the program simply will not start.
    2. Then you need to copy the id of the user you are going to hack. The id number is usually listed in the address bar. If the number is not there, you can right-click on any user record and copy the address of the link, then paste into a notebook and read the id number.
    3. Run the program and enter the id address.
    4. Next, click the Watch button. After the download is complete, the program will give you access to the user's correspondence.

    It is strongly not recommended to use the so-called keyloggers. These programs allow you to find out the password and user login. However, they themselves can be very dangerous. In particular, such programs track the login and password, which you yourself will enter not only for visiting the VKontakte page, but also for withdrawing money from a bank account, as well as any other logins and passwords.

    The same applies to the program that reads the usernames and passwords that were stored in the browser.

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