• How to raise your voice?

    Each person has his own unique voice. When communicating matters how you speak. A great influence on the interlocutor has a range in which you speak. And in the profession of singers voice is very important.

    Simple tips

    Our voice is unique. And many people do not even suspect that there is a great natural potential in their voice. And how to raise the voice of the few know. But to raise the range of the actual voice under the force of each.

    More than two octaves should be the voice of a professional singer. On an individual basis, it is necessary to decide whether to expand the voice range in the direction of the lower or upper register. It all depends on the capabilities of the human vocal cords.

    The simplest exercise that helps broaden the vocal range is reading out loud. This exercise allows you to improve diction, and thanks to reading with different intonation, you can hear the mobility of your voice. It is necessary at least one hour a day to read out loud. This will help boost your voice range.

    When exercising to extend the range of the voice, it is not recommended to sing on very high notes, that is, to force.Since singing on the top notes can lead to a breakdown of the voice. Better to take care of him.

    A few secrets to raising the range

    When working on a range of voices, the first thing to do is pay attention to breathing. Deep breathing betrays a certain power of voice. Breathing exercises strengthen the diaphragm of the voice. The vocal teacher will help you choose a set of exercises that will suit your vocal range. But, if in the morning or after training, your voice becomes hoarse, you need to see a doctor.

    Before you begin to perform exercises to raise your voice, you need to learn a few rules:

    • need to learn how to articulate and breathe;
    • if your throat is too sensitive and your voice quickly becomes hoarse - contact a specialist;
    • It is not recommended to eat nuts and ice cream before classes;
    • A very strong influence on the range of voice tobacco smoke and alcohol. And smoking can cause laryngeal cancer.
    • to the room where the chant will take place, there must be good humidity.

    What do famous vocalists advise

    All professional singers with a high voice range warm up their voice before performing. For this they use special exercises. So, for example, Vitaly Kozlovsky uses an exercise called “Ominous Laughter” - the laughter of villains in old cartoons. It is necessary to laugh a little ominously. This is not a pretty difficult and enjoyable exercise. It is necessary to perform it with a straight back and with straightened shoulders in the same breath. It is worth repeating this exercise only three times. And the voice will gain strength.

    After singing, in order to immediately rest the vocal cords, the singers perform an exercise in calming down. In the room where the voice will be heated, the air should not be dry. It is necessary to monitor nutrition. For example, after drinking dairy products, the voice becomes less clear, as milk washes away mucus from the vocal cords. Pay attention to food. Before going to bed you do not need much zeal. Since the processes of the gastrointestinal tract will cover the vocal cords with mucus. In the morning the voice will be hoarse. Those with a quiet, clean breathing and a large volume of lungs have a high range of voices.


    1. take a prone position so that the back is level and the legs are clenched at the knees;
    2. putting his hands on his stomach, take a deep breath, yawn on the exhale. In this case, the abdominal movement up and down should occur;
    3. it is necessary to make pauses between inhalation and exhalation;
    4. in the same position, “laugh with the belly”;
    5. taking a sitting position, repeat one of the exercises mentioned above.

    At the initial stage of training can be dizzy. But do not worry. This means that today your training is over. After the lungs have a larger size, the workout can be carried out longer.

    It is also very useful to support one chicken egg each morning to support a high range of voice. There is a replacement mucus of the gastrointestinal tract. The mucus of the egg protein is very similar in its properties to that produced by the glands. In the morning, the glands work poorly. Therefore, it is necessary to make a replacement of mucus in order to start training in the morning.

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