• How to quickly clean the saw blade

    Often, those craftsmen who use different circular saws are well aware of such a problem as contamination of the saw blade. This happens for several reasons, such as the presence of resin in the wood, the presence of glue in the material of chipboard, MDF, etc ... And as a result, the saw begins to tear the edges, cuts, the disk burns and similar inconveniences. All this by the fact that the resin or glue is taken to the cutter and envelop it. In some cases, the disc is sent to sharpen, although it is quite enough to wash it. Most craftsmen clean their saw blades by soaking them in kerosene or gasoline for a day or more. I propose a method that will be non-toxic, faster, safer, and more affordable, since all the components are in every kitchen.

    You will need

    • Dishes , in the form of a disk or another, where you can put a saw disk.
    • Toothbrush, naturally used.
    • Baking soda.
    • Vinegar or acetic acid,which is even better.
    • Some tap water.
    How fast to clean the saw blade

    How to clean the saw blade

    How to quickly clean up the circular saw
    Put on the resulting circle from the soda disc. Cutters should be immersed in soda.
    How to quickly clean up the saw blade
    We also sprinkle the disk along the cutting edge radius from above.
    How to quickly clean the saw blade
    Just a little bit of water dripping in a circle to moisten the soda. It is not necessary to pour a lot, otherwise the soda will spread in form. We allow to stand a little, 5-10 minutes so that the soda penetrates into hard-to-reach places and softens the glue and resin on the incisors a little. sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/uploads/posts/2018-05/medium/1525684873_5.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="How to quickly clean the saw blade">
    After that, we take a toothbrush and begin to clean the disk with quick movements, paying special attention to each tooth.
    How to quickly clean the saw blade
    Then, as the complete circle is passed,turn the disc over and repeat the procedure for the second side.
    How to quickly clean off the saw blade
    Next, fill in everything with a bite. There is a reaction, everything will hiss in a minute minutes - this is normal. Acid copes well with resin dissolution.
    How to quickly clean up the circular saw
    Pour the solution into the sink, it does not need to be disposed of in a special way, this is another plus of this cleaning method. Wipe the saw dry with a paper towel. Here is the result:
    How to quickly clean up the saw blade
    The disc has acquired its original purity and even color. All the pollution was gone, no trace was left. And how do you clean your disks? Write in the comments if you know the way easier and more efficient. Thank you for your attention.

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