• How to quickly and easily peel an orange or any citrus fruit

    I found a simple and effective way to quickly clean citrus.

    It is really very simple and you do not have to spend a lot of time to enjoy the taste of orange. The method is applicable to almost all segmented fruits, i.e. to fruits that consist of lobules.

    Read on to find out how!

    How to peel an orange

    Stage 1: Materials

    Orange on a plate

    You will need the following ingredients:

    • Plate or chopping board
    • Sharp knife
    • Orange

    For beginners it is better to start practicing on tangerines 😀

    Stage 2: Notching

    Notched Orange 1

    Notched Orange 3

    First, you must cut off the top and bottom of the orange. Cut the pieces about 1 cm thick as shown in the picture.

    Now we need to find the connection of two segments. It should be easy.

    Make a light incision with a knife and make sure that the knife hit exactly at the junction of two orange slices, otherwise it will be difficult for you to separate it.

    First, we must cut both ends of the fruit.Cut about 1 cm from both ends, as shown.

    Now go to the next stage.

    Step 3: Open the orange

    We reveal an orange 1

    We open an orange 2

    Reveal the orange 3

    We reveal an orange 4

    Now you have to place your thumbs on the cut and open or unfold the orange. It’s hard to do it the first time, but with each orange you’ll get better and better.

    Now you can easily separate the slices from the peel and enjoy the juicy and sweet taste of orange.

    This method works with almost all fruits that have lobules.

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