• How to properly trim a bang in the home - photo

    How to cut a bang yourself: photo master classSometimes it is a shame to be recorded in the salon about such trifles as cutting a bang. This is not a new style - it can be simply trimmed, and that’s all!


    You can cut the bangs yourself. It will take quite a bit of time and will require only a little care, scissors and a mirror.


    How to cut a bang at home


    You will need:
    - scissors (best of course, if it will be special straight scissors for cutting hair (without leveling and without curved blades). But, in general, any very well-sharpened scissors with neat and not very short blades will do);
    - a towel or a hairdryer (to dry the bang, if you decide to cut it right after you have washed your hair);
    - hair straightener;
    - comb (comb with small teeth, better not metallic - metal spoils the hair and increases the static charge);
    - a mirror.


    How to cut bangs correctly - step by step photo workshop


    1. Dry and straighten


    Never cut wet bangs. Wet hair is longer and, when dry, the bangs will be much shorter than you planned. Dry the bang with a hairdryer or towel, comb it and straighten it with a flat iron.


    How to cut a bang yourself: photo master class


    When shearing the bangs herself, a large inconvenience to many is the small cut-off pieces of hair falling on the face. Some (and especially those who wear contact lenses) are afraid that such short hair cut into the eyes, and will have to postpone the haircut until you remove them all.


    It is believed that you can substitute the paper, or even wear tight-fitting transparent glasses; This can be done, but the easiest way is to substitute the second palm under the haircut line, just above the eyes, so that all the hair falls on it - so you will avoid unnecessary anxiety. But do not close both eyes at the same time and do not squeeze them - you should not cut your own hair blindly.


    How to cut a bang yourself: photo master class


    2. Separate strands


    Set a mirror in front of you, take care of good lighting - the shadow should not fall on your face. Fingers highlight the central strand in your bang. The rest will be taken to the temples - we will return to them later.


    Pull the central part of the bang with two fingers to see its entire length. Determine how long the bangs you want, and trim the extra hair in this strand. In the photo, the girl cutting the bang cuts the strand at the bridge of the nose — this is usually the optimal length. Do not forget that this is a bang that you “pulled away” - that is, theoretically, in its normal state it will look a little shorter.


    How to cut a bang yourself: photo master class
    Trim the other strands in bangs on the already cropped, but only those in the middle.


    3. Form a bang from the sides


    So, you should have had uncut hair strands left and right; and from under the bangs already visible part of the eyebrow, the one that is closer to the nose.


    How to cut a bang yourself: photo master class


    Trim the side strands, focusing on the bend of the eyebrows. Scrub a little bit, trying to make the bangs on each side end up repeating the shape of the eyebrow. Take your time, haste is nowhere - it’s better to leave than to cut off the excess. The length of the hair should be such that between the brow and bangs there will be a bit of free space.


    The line of the bangs should be smooth, “solid” relative to each strand and at the same time - the opening eyebrow, repeating their shape on the sides.If you prefer the “sharp” shape of the eyebrows, then their upper point may be hidden by a bang, otherwise the overall hairline will turn out to be too sharp. But it all depends on your style - if you want, the bangs can be cut and shorter.


    How to cut a bang yourself: photo master class


    4. Done!
    You just cut your fringe straight.

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