• How to process photos in photoshop?

    Adobe Photoshop is a multifunctional graphics editor that allows you to quickly and efficiently work with any images, edit, and edit and process photos using special tools.

    In order to beautifully process photos in Photoshop, you must use the following tools:

    • Dodge / Burn tool;
    • stamp (Clone stamp);
    • brush (History Brush);
    • black and white (Black / White);
    • Dimming (Shadow / Highlights).

    Dodge / Burn tool

    Dodge / Burn tool - tools that allow you to lighten and darken certain parts of the photo.

    Basic tools:

    • range of application. This tool can be used on dark (Shadows), medium (Highlights) and neutral (Midtones) areas of photographs. For example, when treating the face, you can lighten dark areas of the chin, and light areas remain unchanged or vice versa.
    • force of exposure (Exposure). For work with dark and light areas choose up to 10%, and with neutral - up to 20%.


    1. Brightening the iris Lightening the iris of the eye, you can concentrate well on the eyes and look of the model.
    2. Darkening of the face in the male portrait.This method is ideal for black and white portraits, it leaves spots on color. The cheekbones, the chin line, the eyebrows and the nose line are mostly obscured. Using this method, you can make a strong-willed and tough man in a photograph. In female portraits, this tool is used very carefully and only on those facial lines that give femininity. Otherwise, you might get a masculine face.
    3. Creating more volume and contrast.
    4. Brightening backlight area (light that falls on the object being photographed from behind). In this case, you can enhance the effect of backlight. Thus, the picture will become a little brighter and more interesting.
    5. Teeth whitening

    Stamp (Clone stamp)

    A stamp is a tool that is ideal for photo retouching. The main function of this tool is to capture the necessary part of the photo, copy it and transfer it to another part of the photo. Before using this tool set up

    • Modes (Darken Dark, Lighten Brighten);
    • Opacity. The lower the percentage of opacity, the less noticeable the use of this tool. For photo retouching use opacity in the range of 10-30%.

    Use stamp

    1. The stamp is mainly used to remove
      • wrinkles;
      • bruises under the eyes;
      • swelling;
      • redness;
      • dark spots.
    2. You must select the appropriate part of the photo, copy it and transfer it to the part with the defect.

    Brush (History Brush)

    A brush (History Brush) allows you to increase the sharpness on some elements of the photo, as well as draw into the photo elements from the past processing steps.


    1. In the settings you should set the desired transparency.
    2. To work with this tool, you must tick a specific layer on the right side and begin processing it.
    3. Next, select the area to be processed.

    Black and White (Black / White)

    This tool is located in the Image tab (Adjustments).


    1. The main function of the Black / White tool is to transfer the photo to a black and white version. Having opened the panel of this tool it is possible to put suitable shades.
    2. Also including the layer mode Overlay / Overlay, you can achieve a richer and more contrasting image.

    Shadow / Highlights

    This tool is also located in the Image tab (Adjustments).

    Blackout is used in the following cases:

    • to darken overexposed areas;
    • to draw light out of the shadows;
    • to eliminate high light and under-light;
    • to create a greater depth of photography;
    • to create additional volume.

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