• How to plan an apartment

    In the living room it is possible to place a bar or a fireplace. At the same time, the design of the fireplace or bar should emphasize the availability of space for all. If the family is so large that it is impossible to single out a separate room for each member, the problem can be solved visually by smashing a large room with different colors and lighting. Zoning can be a nice screen or a mobile partition.
    If you have several children in your family, you should consider the problem of settling them in one room so that there is no conflict between them. Given the age and "appetites" of children, try to provide each of them a place for solitude. In advance you can buy each child on the decoration for his area.
    With older people more difficult. Many of them do not like cardinal changes in life, to which can be attributed a thorough redevelopment of the room, so you need to think so that your pensioners feel comfortable. It is advisable to allocate them a place so that the toilet with the bathroom is close and the living room is at a decent distance. Older people should be able to relax in silence at any time.
    For spouses, pass-through rooms are not the best option. How to relax in a cozy bed, when relatives constantly scurrying about? But chronic fatigue can adversely affect the relationship of the spouses. Night is the main time for active, intimate life. If someone from the household suddenly wants some water in the middle of the night, and for this they have to go through the spouses' room, the latter will not appreciate it.

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