• How to pickle trout?

    The finest trout meat is ideal, of course, in any form: boiled or baked fillet, fried in batter carcasses, or even a rich, rich ear. But how salty fish tastes, especially with their own hands ... Our conversation is about how to pickle trout at home.

    Salting trout: preparation

    1. Before salting the trout at home, it should be cleaned and gutted, all entrails should be removed.
    2. We need fillets, because we cut off the head, tail.
    3. Wash and quickly dip the trout with a clean towel (napkin).
    4. Cut according to recipes. It can be whole carcasses, halves or pieces of different sizes. Focus on your taste.
    5. Use coarse salt.

    How to pickle trout: recipes

    Trout with lemon

    Thanks to lemon, the fish is juicy and piquant.

    We will need:

    1. 300 grams of trout;
    2. one lemon;
    3. one tablespoon of sugar and two - salt.


    • Make a mixture of sugar and salt.
    • Cut lemon into thin slices.
    • Prepare the gauze, spread it on the table.
    • Peeled trout rubbed with a mixture of sugar and salt. This recipe uses a whole fish.
    • On a gauze lay out a row of lemon slices, put the fish on top. Inside the fish, you can also put halves of lemon slices. Lemon on top again and wrapped in cheesecloth.
    • Put the fish on a plate and remove in a dark place for 2-3 days.
    • After this time, we get trout, remove lemon and excess salt with sugar.
    • We cut into pieces and serve as an independent dish or in the form of sandwiches.
    • It goes well with white bread (bun). You can decorate with lemon slices.

    Trout with orange

    The original recipe for gourmets. We will not write strict proportions, here you are guided by your taste.

    You will need: trout fillet (sliced), salt, olive oil, pepper, bay leaf, orange rings.

    Cooking Put in a jar in layers of trout fillet, salt, pepper, bay leaf, olive oil, orange. Alternate. Shake the jar slightly and put it in the fridge for at least 30-40 minutes. And after - enjoy!

    Salted trout: a simple recipe

    Salting trout at home is not so difficult. Here is another simplest option.

    You just need to have trout fillet, salt and pepper (you can eat a lot), sugar.

    Mix salt, pepper and sugar and rub each piece with this mixture.On the day (24 hours) put in the fridge.

    Is done. Remove excess spices, cut into pieces and serve. In this recipe, you can add a drop of liquid smoke.

    Trout with fresh dill

    It will take a pound of trout, six tablespoons of salt (medium ground), the same amount of sugar; 200 grams of fresh dill.


    • Prepare the fillet pieces (fish halves). Rub them with a mixture of salt and sugar.
    • Dill washed and dried. We spread one third to the bottom of the dish, where you are going to pickle.
    • On the dill, skins down, lay the trout. Then the second third of the dill.
    • Top trout fillet, but the skin is up and the remaining dill.
    • Put a flat plate on top and oppression, close the lid. Leave in the room for 8 hours, and then put in the fridge.
    • The fish should stand in the refrigerator for another 2 days. After - done.

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