• How to pay a claim in 2018

    You will need
    • - A copy of the court ruling;
    • - Receipts for payment of recoverable amounts.
    Check outclaimand requirements. You have the right to dispute the claimant�s claim within 10 days from the date of receipt of a copy of the court�s ruling (decision) in your case. To do this, prepare all the documents proving the timeliness and correctness of previously made payments. Contact the arbitration or general jurisdiction court to resolve disputes between you and the other party.
    If you agree withclaimand the requirements or do not have the opportunity to prove the previously made payments, prepare a few copies of the judicial definition. Reassure them to the notary.
    Send this document: - to the accounting office of the place of work; - to the bank where you have a current account; - to third parties or a credit institution, if the claimant agrees that your debt be repaid in this way.
    Attach to the copy of the definition statement in the accounting department or the bank with the payment details of the recipient. Notify third parties about the time and order of repayment of the amount under the contract of guarantee. Make an agreement with another credit institution.
    Begin to pay the amount of the claim no later than 2 months from the day you receive a copy of the court ruling. Be sure to keep at all repaid bank or postal receipts, to subsequently present them to the bailiffs on demand. Every month, request a certified copy of the payroll in your work accounting office.
    If the claim is related to the return of the item in your use, give it to the owner. To do this, contact the bailiff service at your place of residence. Make an act of acceptance and transfer of property and endorse it in the presence of two witnesses. Pay interest on this claim, provided that this clause was provided for by agreement of the parties concluded earlier.

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