• How to paint the car?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    March 11, 2015
    How to paint the car?

    If someone has unsuccessfully parked and left a mark on your car, you need to paint the car to hide scratches and dents. To do this, you can contact the service department or do it yourself.

    Consider how you can paint the car yourself.

    Car painting

    In the case of a full painting machine, you can use a range of colors. On what the motorist will stop, depends, first of all, on the current condition of the car's coverage, as well as on the choice of tone.

    Thus, the following types of paints can be distinguished: various enamels (single-component and nitro-enamel), acrylic, metallic and colorless. Each of the above colors is well suited for specific tasks. For example, nitro-enamels are used for painting individual parts of a car, and colorless - for alignment.


    As for the fight against scratches, none of these paints will not work, since we are already dealing with physical damage to the metal.Just cover up the pothole will not work. The use of one means or another will also depend on the degree of damage to the vehicle. Among them are polishing pastes, anti-scratches, wax and restoration pencils.

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