• How to open a shoe store

    Consumer goods, including clothing and footwear, are a very attractive investment, if we talk about business. They are always in demand, regardless of the economic situation. There are many specialized stores offering a wide range of clothing, underwear, shoes and similar products. It seems that the shop selling shoes is very attractive from an entrepreneurial point of view. The organization of such a business requires good preliminary preparation, in which a detailed and structured business plan for a shoe store can be of great help. It will help to establish relationships with potential investors, and even the entrepreneur himself, to avoid many difficulties in commercial activities.

    The goal of this project is to create a specialized store offering a wide range of shoes. It should be noted that an important condition for a successful start of business is to take into account the specifics of demand in a particular region.

    In this section, you need to describe the future store and justify the need to open it. For example, it is assumed that the future store will be a retail outlet with different departments, focused on consumer demand in a given locality. In each of the departments will be offered different types of shoes, depending on the season.

    It is assumed that the store will be selling shoes:

    • female,

    • male,

    • nursery,

    • for home,

    • sports,

    • Care products and more.

    You can also expand the range with accessories and bags.

    The competition in this market segment is quite dense, however, the success of a business depends, first of all, on the entrepreneurial ingenuity, breadth of the range and competent pricing policy.

    In the process of market research, it is necessary to study the price policy of the nearest competitors, the assortment. The research results are included in the business plan of a shoe store so that you can find the optimal range and offer unique products to customers.

    You need to choose the most advantageous place to place the store, so that it is not in a place where there is a glut of similar outlets. Based on a previously conducted market research, this will not be so difficult.

    The best option for the selection of premises will be to rent it. At the initial stage, attention should be paid to an area of ​​at least 50 m2 (taking into account the specific room for the warehouse). Special attention is required to pay equipment. We advise you to purchase high-quality commercial equipment from Decor Style, where you will be advised on any matter.

    From equipment you will need to purchase:

    1. Racks,

    2. chairs for visitors, so that they can try on shoes in comfortable conditions,

    3. Mirror,

    4. mats (to protect the sole of a new shoe during fitting),


    6. Cashier,

    7. counter.

    Personnel Required:

    • four sellers,

    • Administrator,

    • Accountant.

    You also need to decide on the mode of operation of the store, focusing on the maximum flow of customers.

    The amount of revenue (revenue) minus the amount of expenses is the profit of the business. In the business plan of the shoe store, the financial section is included without fail, as correct financial calculation is the key to business success.

    Store opening costs consist of the following main items:

    • rental of premises,

    • purchase and installation of commercial equipment,

    • purchase of goods,

    • Advertising,

    • payroll staff,

    • reserve fund.

    However, this is not a complete list of costs. In each case, the list expands to hundreds of positions.

    The revenue side is revenue from the sale of goods. It is planned on the basis of existing real demand.

    In general, practice shows that initial investment in the opening of a similar store pays off in 12 - 16 months.

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