• How to open a nation of medieval

    You will need
    • - Medieval game;
    • - text editor.
    Complete the game Medieval in the campaign mode, as it passes you will open other nations in all game modes. This method will take you some time, however, this is the most honest way to discover new game elements. There are others, however, this will not develop your playing skills, but will only speed up the process of passing, which may well mean that your interest in the Medieval computer game will soon disappear.
    Use the alternative way to open new nations in the game Medieval. It consists in editing the game file located in one of the directories for the installation files. Open this folder on your computer in the directory that you specified when installing this computer game.
    Open the editing of the list of nations file, usually it has the extension txt and is called descr_strat. Please note that you can also simply open Notepad or another program on your computer that performs similar functions and open a document in the File menu, accessible in the following directory: your computer’s game files folder / Data / world / maps / campaign / imperial_campaign / descr_strat.txt.
    Edit the file so that the nations in Medieval become available without going through the game in campaign mode. Here you will need to carefully inspect the headings of the lists of nations, there are only three: playable (for them you can play), unlockable (play for these nations is possible) and nonplayable (those nations for which you cannot play).
    In the first list, add the nations that you want to open, best of all at once, in the unlockable list with one line the word end and in the last three lines: romans_senate, slave, end. Finish editing the file, apply the changes and run the Medieval game on your computer.

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