• How to open a checking account IP?

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    How to open a checking account IP?

    Individual entrepreneurs are not required to open a current account, they may be limited to simple cash payments with customers or suppliers. But this does not suit everyone, because it is much more convenient to transfer funds by bank transfer if the merchant is already used to this.

    What is a current account PI

    The IP settlement account is an account that is opened by the bank for storing and conducting settlement operations with monetary funds at the request of the individual entrepreneur, that is, the account holder.

    Do I need, as a PI, a checking account

    So, as you understand, the PI is not required to open a current account. You will need it if:

    • you have plans to make non-cash payments: accept them or pay legal entities and other individual entrepreneurs;
    • you plan to conduct settlement operations with legal entities and other individual entrepreneurs in an amount exceeding more than 100,000 rubles under one agreement. One-time cash payment in the amount of more than 100.000 rubles is impossible in such a situation.

    How and where to open a checking account IP

    For a start, we will think about where to open a PI account. Most banks (for example, Sberbank, VTB 24, and others) have their own website where you can find offers for opening a current account for individual entrepreneurs. There it will be clearly stated how to open a PI account in Sberbank, for example. Carefully consider when choosing a bank:

    • monthly account maintenance fee;
    • fee for payments made;
    • the cost of the fee for withdrawing and depositing money into the account;
    • conditions and fees for remote work with the bank through the "bank-client" and "Internet bank" systems.

    When you choose a bank, they will explain in detail to you how to open a current account with them. And usually from an individual entrepreneur the following documents are required:

    1. TIN, and notarized. This is a document on registration with the tax inspectorate.
    2. The certificate of registration of the individual entrepreneur, also notarized.
    3. Copy of your passport.
    4. If the activity you are involved in is subject to licensing, then a license will be required.
    5. A copy of the extract from the Register, but it must be no older than 1 month.
    6. A copy of the notice of the territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service.

    Be warned, do not think that to open a current account IP very quickly. In the bank you will have to fill out various applications, cards and so on. In addition, you will be required to notify the tax office of the opening of the current account of the PI within 5 days from the date of opening the account. This moment is very important, because late fees are quite high! Notification to the tax authority is on the form number C-09-1.

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