• How to open a bottle of wine quickly and easily

    A bottle of good wine is an essential element of the event, whether it is a New Year's Eve, a picnic or a gathering with friends. But before proceeding to tasting the intoxicating drink, the bottle will have to be opened.

    Wine sealed with a cork screw is no longer a rarity, but the quality of this product is often not up to par, so few people buy it. Diligent manufacturers traditionally clog bottles with corkwood products. And for their opening is designed corkscrew. This easy-to-use fixture is not always at hand. In the article I will share the subtleties of opening a wine bottle with a corkscrew and consider the available tools that will help solve the problem in its absence in the home.

    How to remove the cork from the bottle with the help of available tools

    Wine bottle corkscrew

    There are cases when guests are already at the table, tasty and fragrant treats are served and only a closed bottle of wine prevents the start of the celebration.Corkscrew would help in solving the problem, but it was lost, failed, or completely absent. How to be?

    It turns out that you can open the container with improvised means:

    • Push inside.Men can use a finger, after having closed the cork with a small coin. Women are better armed with lipstick or heel shoes.
    • Book and towel. Wrap the bottom of the bottle with a towel, tap the bottom of the container on the book attached to the wall. Do not overdo it with the force of impact, so as not to stay without a drink.
    • Water bottleFill a plastic bottle with water and tap the middle part on the bottom. An alternative to this tool will be the usual boot.
    • Screw and pliers.Twist the screw into the cork and open the bottle with pliers. Instead of this tool use two pencils, clasping the point of the screw on both sides.
    • Stick the knife into the cork and, using rotational movements, uncork the drink. For this purpose, a tool that has jag marks on the blade is suitable.
    • Nails and a hammer.Drive a few nails into the cork so that they form a line. Using claws on the hammer to open the bottle.
    • Clips and pencil.Straighten the two clips. At the end of each wire, make hooks. Insert the blanks with hooks down into the space between the neck and the stopper on both sides, turn them to the center. Twist the ends of the clips, pick up with a pencil and remove the cork.
    • The way hussars.Open the drink will help a knife, saber or blade. Take the bottle with your hand, wrap the bottom of the towel and in a sharp movement repel the neck. This method is unsafe and requires skill. Beginners do not recommend using it.

    These options have passed the test of time and proven effectiveness. But I would advise you to buy a corkscrew or a multifunctional knife. These devices will facilitate your fate.

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    How to open a wine with a corkscrew

    In ancient times, people kept the drink in wooden barrels or earthenware jars, plugging the neck with a rag or smearing it with resin. At the end of the XVIII century, when the wine trade reached its peak, there was a problem of the safety of an expensive drink during long-term transportation. The bark of the cork tree came to the rescue, which “perfectly” coped with the task.

    In 1795, a priest from England Samuel Hanshall patented the first corkscrew. The design of the "steel worm" resembled wadfly - a device that was used to remove a non-activated projectile from the barrel of a firearm. Over time, the tool has been improved and modernized. Today sold a variety of corkscrews. On the intricacies of their use and talk below.

    Classic Corkscrew

    The design of the classic corkscrew, which is popularly called the "steel worm", is very simple - the handle and screw. This corkscrew is reliable and inexpensive.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Visually determine the center of the plug, carefully screw the device. Do not overdo it, otherwise the crumbs from the lid will spoil the taste of the drink.
    2. After fixing the bottle, carefully pull the cork out in a twisting and twisting motion.

    Lever Corkscrew

    Thanks to two mechanical levers that rise and fall in a vertical plane, the device is called "butterfly." Corkscrew with minimal effort on the part of the user can easily cope with the task of removing the blockage from the neck. With tightly seated traffic jams, there are sometimes problems.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Install the screw in the center of the cap. Ensure corkscrew levers are down. Holding the design with your hand, rotate the knob clockwise. As the blade deepens, the levers will begin to rise.
    2. When the “butterfly wings” reach their maximum high point, lock the bottle and lower the levers. Cork easily slips out of the neck.

    Screw corkscrew

    A mechanical device makes it easy to uncork a bottle of wine. Ideal for girls, because it requires little effort.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Place the screw in the center of the plug. Make sure that the corkscrew body fits tightly against the neck.
    2. While making rotational movements, twist the spiral until the plug completely leaves the bottle.

    Pneumatic Corkscrew

    This original design, rare in Russia, is a bit like a medical syringe. The device is easy to use and easily uncork the wine, but is not suitable for thin-walled bottles.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Pierce the cork with the needle of the pneumatic corkscrew. After making sure that it went right through, press the lever and pump the air on the principle of a bicycle pump.
    2. In just a few seconds, the pressure in the vessel will rise and the stopper will easily slip.

    Regardless of the type of corkscrew used, uncork the bottle carefully, otherwise the spilled drink will stain your clothes, tablecloth or carpet. And to wash the wine is problematic.

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    How to store an open bottle of wine

    With age, the taste and aromatic qualities of wine improve, but this does not apply to a printed bottle. Under the influence of external factors, the drink loses its original charm. Professionals recommend drinking wine immediately after opening. If it was not possible to empty the bottle, it is important to ensure proper storage conditions.

    In order for the wine after its discovery to leave taste and aroma, it is necessary to protect the drink from the factors that adversely affect it: oxygen, light and heat.

    1. Under the influence of room temperature schnapps deteriorates and loses its charm. To avoid this, immediately after a feast, hide the bottle in the refrigerator. Keep the wine on the shelf, not on the door.
    2. The refrigerator protects the drink from light. And so that the air does not spoil your favorite wine, do not forget to seal the bottle tightly.Sometimes the native cork does not enter the neck. I advise you to buy a special plug in the store, which will simplify the task.

    Now let's talk about the shelf life. Sparkling wine lives the least - the disappearance of bubbles deprives it of its main secret. White and pink - stored longer (if the correct conditions are met - up to three days). Record for fitness to use are fortified and sweet wines that live a week.

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    Helpful Tips

    If the idea of ​​storing wine after opening a bottle is not to your liking, I suggest options for using leftover drinks.

    • Cook fragrant mulled wine that will warm in a cold winter evening. There will also be a reason to call friends.
    • Use the remnants of the drink for cooking culinary masterpieces. Wine perfectly complements the taste of meat. Make a stewing sauce or a fragrant marinade. Wine and amusing for the preparation of compound desserts and jelly-like delicacies.
    • Freeze the rest of the drink in a special mold to preserve its taste for a long time. In the future, use the cubes for the preparation of cocktails.

    Now you know the popular and effective ways to open bottles and the fineness of storing unfinished wine. I hope these tips and recommendations will make leisure more comfortable. Well, about the factory corkscrew - do not pull with the purchase. Such an inexpensive little thing is indispensable in everyday life and on vacation.

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