• What do you call a cat?

    Not so long ago a small and fluffy family member appeared in your house. Sometimes you just have to look at the little kitten, and immediately comes the idea of ​​what to call it. But also, to come up with a name for a kitten, sometimes it becomes a difficult task. Sometimes this task is even comparable to the choice of a name for a newborn or the subject of lengthy discussions with family. Choosing a name for a pet, the lesson is very important and difficult. Since the nickname is not a simple set of sounds, it is the whole life and fate of your cat. Depending on how you call your pet, this may affect his character, and may also have an impact on his negative and positive qualities of character. In this article we will consider the situation, how to call the cat a boy.

    People who know a lot about choosing a name, at this stage, besides the correct matching of a suitable name and patronymic, also think about the right combination of the name of a pet and the name of the owner. After all, a correctly chosen pet name will influence the harmony of mutual relations and mutual understanding between the owner and the animal.

    We will not cite as an example the whole alphabet of all kinds of feline names, as it is mainly done on websites dedicated to pets, we will just tell you and sensibly explain how to call a cat, depending on certain situations. Let's start with the traditional nicknames for cats

    Traditional nicknames

    • Vasek
    • Vaska
    • Murzik
    • Fluff
    • Kotofey
    • Kuzya
    • Cat
    • Bow

    Famous cat names

    • Boniface
    • hippo
    • Garfield
    • Matroskin
    • Leopold
    • Simba
    • Orion

    Nicknames in appearance

    • Agate
    • Apricot
    • Orange
    • Gray
    • Smoke
    • Peach
    • Chestnut
    • Amber

    Nicknames consonant to the breed

    • Highlander
    • Abik
    • Manchik
    • Rex
    • Perseus

    Nicknames in memory of wild relatives

    • Barsik
    • Leva
    • Irbis
    • I gu
    • Tigris
    • Tiger

    Nicknames on the nature of behavior

    • Barin
    • Ataman
    • Barmalei
    • The baron
    • Boss
    • Turn
    • Buyan
    • Daemon
    • Thunder
    • Zhorik
    • Witch
    • Diesel
    • Major
    • Marquis
    • Modest
    • Mister
    • Pirate
    • Moorlen
    • Pride
    • Prince
    • Sultan
    • Tyrant
    • Tikhon
    • Pharaoh
    • Sheikh
    • Highlander
    • Dandy
    • Shock

    Nicknames for special food habits

    • Baton
    • Waflik
    • Kefir
    • Donut

    Nicknames in honor of the beloved hero

    • Aramis
    • Alf
    • Aragorn
    • Brutus
    • Archibald
    • Woland
    • Guidon
    • Hamlet
    • Zeus
    • Icarus
    • Zorro
    • Casper
    • Montana
    • Sherlock
    • Porthos

    Celebrity Nicknames

    • Buckingham
    • Arnold
    • Belmondo
    • Bismarck
    • Benjamin
    • Voltaire
    • Columbus
    • Socrates
    • Homer
    • Magellan
    • Tamerlane
    • Newton

    How to name a red cat

    Cats of red color, as well as the people possessing red hair, personalities are rather extraordinary, and rather positive. Even in ancient times, red cats were considered to be the best connoisseurs. Even sometimes the tendency was observed that sick people recovered much faster when they were close to red cats. Well, thanks to the golden fur, red cats have become a symbol of wealth. We offer you a small list of nicknames for a red cat:

    • Biscuit
    • Ginger
    • Gold
    • Nectar
    • Peach
    • Saffron
    • Solik
    • Jam
    • Oscar
    • Felix
    • Phoenix
    • Bean
    • Redhead

    How to name a black cat

    Black cats have always been considered a symbol of something mysterious and inexplicable, in connection with this there are many superstitions about black cats, so their name should be the same mysterious and excitement. A selection of nicknames for a black cat:

    • Dagir
    • Damar
    • Dantes
    • Dorkhan
    • The money
    • Joker
    • Jiro
    • Divar
    • Savage
    • Dimar
    • Dokit
    • Draxan
    • The Dragon
    • Danube
    • Smoke
    • Chernysh
    • Smok
    • Black

    How to name a British cat

    Increasingly, British cats are beginning to be popular with animal lovers. More and more often they began to buy this breed, which resemble a teddy bear with their hair. But after all, such a cat needs to come up with an appropriate nickname so that status will be to its liking, because it’s not just a cat! We offer you a list of names for British cats:

    • Michelle
    • Jean
    • Porsche
    • Nils
    • Chef
    • Graph
    • Waldemar
    • Paul
    • Claude

    How to call a cat cool

    Some owners do not just want to name their pet, but also give it a nickname of originality and jargon. We bring to your attention a list of cool nicknames for cats:

    • Pikachu
    • Draft
    • Cat
    • Cake
    • Woof
    • Zipper
    • Chewie
    • Elvis
    • Hulk
    • Schnapps
    • Kiwi
    • Hunter
    • Godzilla
    • Boar
    • Benz
    • Bolt
    • Mole
    • Corkscrew

    Never be afraid to be an original person, and even more so to manifest it in the choice of the nickname for a pet. Let everyone around think why they did not think of such a cool nickname like your cat's! I hope you figure out what to call the cat, so that the nickname is original, so that it fully matches your pet, his mood and his preferences!

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