• How to mount an image in daemon tools?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    July 11, 2011
    How to mount an image in daemon tools?

    For those who can not imagine their life without computer games, the program daemon tools is known not by hearsay. Gamers know about the ability of daemon tools to quickly cope with virtually all copy protection games. Why with almost everyone? But everything is clear to the game manufacturers who are trying to fight this and protect the creature from mass distribution. For those who have not yet understood, you need the daemon tools program when you have downloaded the game or software, and without the original disc they do not run on the computer.

    How to mount an image in daemon tools - instructions

    Sometimes users encounter some problems with daemon tools, for example, how to mount an image in daemon tools. If you understand and follow the instructions, in reality everything will be not so difficult. To explain to you how to solve such a difficulty, we’ll tell you how to work with daemon tools, and accordingly, and how to mount an image in daemon tools:

    1. First of all, you need the actual program. If it is missing, you will need to download it.You can do this here DAEMON Tools Lite.exe (11.2 MB). This version of the program (Lite) is free.
    2. In the process of installing daemon tools, we think there will be no problems. You only need to click "yes" or "next" everywhere.
    3. After installation, look at the taskbar at the bottom of the monitor. Somewhere near the clock, the daemon tools program icon should have appeared.
    4. Now you will need to click on this icon with the right mouse button and select "Virtual CD / DVD-ROM" in the menu that appears.
    5. In the new window, click on the "drive", and then on the "mount image".
    6. And now the most interesting thing: in front of you is a window in which you should specify the path to the image. Remember where you downloaded the image from the Internet, you just need to find this folder and click on this image in it. After that, the program automatically emulates it to a virtual disk.

    Thus, you learned how to mount an image in daemon tools. And on your computer there was a virtual disk with the game. You will always find this virtual disk in "My Computer". In addition to games, similar problems may occur with some software. Mode of action is similar to this.

    Some people advise you to always mount an image using daemon tools,because the standard master write to disks in windows often writes data incorrectly or even damages the disks. And as you already understood, everyone can work with daemon tools.

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