• How to melt chocolate at home

    How to melt chocolate at home

    Today, there are many recipes that require additional decoration of dishes. One of the most delicious and beautiful products for decoration is chocolate. Moreover, there are a large number of different ways of processing chocolate for decorating cakes, pastries and more. One of the most common ways is to rub chocolate on a grater. It turns out chocolate crumb, which you can sprinkle a confectionery product. Nevertheless, decorating with liquid chocolate can also be called the most successful way to decorate a dish. For this method it is necessary to properly melt the chocolate (bring it to the desired consistency). In this article we will talk about some ways how to properly melt chocolate at home.

    It would seem, despite the apparent simplicity of the process, many hostesses make a number of mistakes. For this reason, chocolate turns out a different consistency than we would like.You must follow all the rules, and then melt the chocolate is not difficult.

    How to melt chocolate at home

    For starters, it is very important to pay attention to the chocolate itself and its composition. It is this fact that determines the further quality of the chocolate material. As you know, there are so many varieties of chocolate. The most successful for the decoration are white and milk chocolate. Melt them quite simply, and the consistency of liquid chocolate allows you to achieve the desired curves and details. However, many people dislike such types of chocolate for its sweetness. It is for this reason that dark chocolate can also be used for confectionery purposes. The only problem is that it will take a little more time to melt it.

    On a note! It should also be noted that the porous chocolate in liquid form will not allow you to achieve the desired. In addition, for the work it is necessary to take melted liquid liquid chocolate without any additives: nuts, raisins, etc.

    How to melt chocolate on a water bath

    How to melt chocolate at home
    Stage 1:To melt the chocolate in a water bath (,) you need to dial in the water prepared in advance. This water must be put on the tile.It does not matter whether the stove is gas or electric. The main thing is to comply with the temperature regime.
    Stage 2:It is necessary to wait for the full warming of the water at full fire (not boiling!).
    Stage 3:In a container with a thick bottom, place chopped chocolate into small pieces. You can break the tile of chocolate into slices. Place this container above the water. Make sure that the water does not come into contact with the plate, otherwise the chocolate may lose its taste. In addition, there is no need to bring the water bath to a boil. Put the stove on a slow fire. Do not forget to stir the chocolate.

    On a note! Please note that the container in the water bath is dry. Otherwise, the chocolate can burn.

    Stage 4:After the chocolate has melted, turn off the stove and cover the container in a water bath with a film. In a warm piece of chocolate can melt evenly.

    What mistakes can be made when kindling chocolate in a water bath? As already mentioned, it is wrong to bring water to a boil. Chocolate in a water bath, of course, will melt (and quite quickly). However, after cooling, the liquid chocolate will fill with lumps.From such a product it will not be possible to make a chocolate fondue or glaze.

    How to melt chocolate in the microwave

    How to melt chocolate at home

    Melting chocolate at home can be quite simple, if you carry out the procedure using a microwave. The way with a microwave is necessary to all beginners in this business. It is necessary to grind a bar of chocolate and put it in a ceramic dish. Next, you need to set up heating in the microwave for 3 minutes and stop the process every half minute in order to mix the liquid consistency. In conclusion, you can put the chocolate in the microwave on the defrost mode for 2 minutes.

    How to melt chocolate on a plate

    How to melt chocolate at home

    There are cases when the hostess does not know how to properly melt chocolate, and time is limited. She finds nothing better than just breaking the chocolate into a saucepan and putting it on the stove. We do not recommend this kind of chocolate kindling. First, the chocolate is obtained not the consistency, it can burn or lose taste. Secondly, it is very difficult to properly melt the chocolate on the stove. It is necessary to add various liquids (water, cream) to achieve the desired liquid consistency without lumps.

    Video: how to melt chocolate so that it is liquid

    We hope the preparation of chocolate delicacy will be a very interesting experience for you. You will undoubtedly need these small cooking recipes in the future if you decide to surprise your loved ones with an unusual presentation of desserts.

    We suggest you also watch the video on how to melt a chocolate bar correctly.

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