• How to measure the angle?

    Ekaterina Ermolaeva
    Ekaterina Ermolaeva
    September 18, 2014
    How to measure the angle?

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    How to measure the angle?

    When solving problems in geometry, we are constantly confronted with different shapes - flat and three-dimensional. Most geometric shapes consist of sides and angles. The exception is a circle, an ellipse, a ball. Measuring angles is an important part of the decision, sometimes just the right measurement and helps to solve the task and find the right answer.

    How to measure the angle correctly?

    A protractor is a special device that is somewhat similar to a ruler that has an arc with a scale applied to it. The numbers on this scale mean degrees. And in degrees, as you know, angles are measured.

    How to measure the angle of the protractor

    It is enough to attach the center of the protractor to the point - the top of the corner. The center of the protractor is a small point under the arc in a straight line. It is often made a small hole, so it was convenient to impose it on the top of the corner.

    angleSo, we apply the center to the top, combine the straight line of the protractor from one of the sides of the corner - they must exactly match. Then we look where the second side of the angle crosses the protractor.If she suddenly falls short of a protractor, it can be slightly lengthened with a dotted line. As a result, it must cross the scale on the arc - the number it crosses is the degree measure of the angle. You can also draw corners with a protractor, read about it here: How to use a protractor

    How to measure the angle without a protractor

    In some particular cases, the angle can be counted in the cells in the notebook. For example, an angle of 90 ° is drawn as 2 perpendicular lines extending from one point. They coincide with the cells of the notebook both horizontally and vertically. If one side of the corneranglecoincides with the cells horizontally, and the other intersects each cell exactly diagonally, then this angle will be equal to 45 °.

    There is also a way to measure the angle with a clock. If you suddenly forgot a protractor, and on your hand you have a watch with arrows, then try to attach the center of the clock to the top of the corner, combine one side with the number 6, and extend the second one with a dotted line. One minute will be equal to 6 degrees.

    The method, of course, is not very convenient, but sometimes saves.

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