• How to make yourself love reading?

    In childhood, many of us did not like to read and perceived books as something extremely dull, unpleasant and completely unnecessary. Today, there is the Internet and computers, so that everything you need can be found without books, so they become completely unnecessary. But still, reading is not only interesting and enjoyable, but also useful activity. But how to love him?

    Find out what you like

    Agree, if the lesson is like, then it simply can not be unpleasant and burdensome. So the first step towards the love of reading should be the definition of favorite genres. Just find out what you like. These can be novels, detectives, dramas, mystical stories, fantasy, westerns, short stories, legends and myths, stories and so on.

    Of course, if you almost never read, then decide on the appropriate genre will not be easy. Try to act by trial and error. Ask your friends, they can advise something worthwhile. And remember what movies you usually watch, it can also help.

    Not only the content is important, but also the form

    Sometimes the appearance attracts more than the content of the book. Go to the bookstore and choose a book that will give you a pleasant tactile and visual experience. Open it, look through it, touch it, look at the cover or pages.

    First of all, you should choose books with hardcover, smooth and bright cover and pages made of high-quality and pleasant to touch paper. You can choose a publication with vivid pictures that will stimulate imagination and excite the imagination.

    Let the book become an attractive object and literally entice you, offer to start reading. And when you gradually get involved in such an activity, you can read almost any book.

    Choose a place and time

    Reading should not distract you from any business, so be sure to free up time and fully devote it to reading. Let it be at least an hour a day, but you should not hurry anywhere and constantly look at the clock, otherwise the occupation will turn into a total torture. It is best to read in the evening or on weekends.

    No less important is the place in which you are secluded with the book.Let it be a cozy and quiet corner, in which no one and nothing will disturb you. You can sit in a chair, overlaid with pillows and cover with a blanket. Be sure to close the door to the room so that no one distracts you.

    Learn to read

    Yes, yes, many of us still do not know how to read. And we are not talking about adding letters to syllables, but syllables - into words, and so on. This is not enough. It is necessary to learn not only to read, but also to do it fully, that is, to delve into the essence of the read. If you skim through the lines, you probably just don’t understand what the book is about, and therefore it immediately seems uninteresting to you.

    And the essence can be hidden and revealed literally in every sentence. So think about every word, every phrase. Try to think like a writer. Take your time, you're not in the exam. Immerse yourself in the process and completely surrender yourself to the book so that it opens before you.

    Learn to dream

    Reading without imagination is very boring and trivial. A book is a whole world, a whole life. Therefore, as soon as you open the first page, immediately connect your imagination. Imagine what the main characters should be in your understanding: their looks, voices, characters, and so on.

    Be sure to imagine every situation proposed by the author, fix in your imagination the facial expressions of the characters, their facial expressions, emotions, and so on. If your imagination is not working at full capacity, then select a book, the author of which described in detail every situation. Illustrations will also help. You can immediately build visual images. And imagine that you are not reading a book, but watch a fascinating film.

    Find out why you need to read.

    How does an adult love reading? We need to find the reasons why it is worth addicted to books. Here are some of them:

    1. Reading improves intellectual abilities: trains memory and logical thinking, increases vocabulary, learns to speak and think.
    2. A book can help distract and cope with stress. If you are nervous or worried, start reading. Just a few minutes from the experience will not remain a trace.
    3. You will become an interesting interlocutor and will not lose face with even educated people.
    4. It is interesting! Yes, a really interesting book can capture completely and permanently. When you understand this, you will literally read it.
    5. You will learn many new things.Sometimes in the books are given unusual, but very useful tips. And in some situations, the characters behave as many would do well to behave in real life. So from the book you can learn a lot of useful information.
    6. It is good for health. First, the books will not allow your brain to grow old, and its cells to atrophy. Secondly, books will protect you from such a dangerous disease as Alzheimer's disease (scientists have proven that reading several times reduces the risk of developing this disease). Third, reading can improve sleep. If you get used to read before bedtime, the body will take it as a signal and quickly switch to rest.
    7. You will always have something to do. Books can be read, for example, in public transport, traveling.

    Helpful Tips

    Some tips:

    • Do not force yourself to read if you do not want it.
    • Even if you find an interesting genre, pay attention to others, you might like them too.
    • Try to start with audiobooks, they will probably interest you, and then you will move on to reading.
    • Choosing a book, find out what it is. Be sure to read the annotations.

    Let the books be your good friends, and the reading a pleasant and interesting hobby.

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