• How to make tricks with matches

    How to do match tricksHow to make tricks with matches

    People love magic tricks, so a magician can be in the spotlight very quickly at any party or at a holiday. Especially relevant tricks with the most common items - for example, with matches. And before that, we told how to do a trick with a cigarette.


    Match trick



    For some tricks you need a knack. Before you focus on the audience, practice at home and try to bring the performance to perfection. Try this trick: take two matches, one in your left hand and the other in your right. Then clamp each match between the thumb and forefinger, the left - horizontally, the right - vertically. You need to cross the matches, and then make a quick movement with your hands so that the horizontal match moves and is on the other side of the vertical.


    The next movement - and the matches were reversed again. Stretch and spread your hands to make the focus look even more impressive. The secret is simple: the head of a vertical match should rest on the thumb; when you pinch a match between your fingers, lightly push it down, and then the end of the match will stick to the index finger.If you spread your fingers, the match will not fall, but it will remain hanging on the index. Quickly hold a horizontal match into the hole that has formed, and immediately press the vertical match with your thumb.


    There are simple tricks on the wit. Put four matches on the table and ask the audience to make four from three to three without removing any matches. Let them think a bit - as a rule, people still cannot immediately guess what the secret is, especially if you show the focus on a fun party. Then, after a pause, put the number three out of four matches. To do this, place two matches parallel to each other at a certain distance, and the other two - between the matches in the form of a "less" sign.


    Take a match, slightly sharpen it with a knife, giving it the shape of a burnt match, and then paint it with ink or black marker. It is advisable to prepare several such false burned matches, just in case. You can throw these matches in an ashtray or just get out of your pocket and, having struck about the boxes, light it, causing the audience to be surprised and admired.

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