• How to make the Internet free?

    September 3, 2012
    How to make the Internet free?

    Internet is a good and extremely useful thing, irreplaceable for many. You can work, study and have fun on the Internet, and some of them disappear for days there. Everything is good, but there is one thing: you have to pay for the Internet, which you don’t always and not like. But there are ways to avoid this and use the Internet for free. How to make the Internet free? We offer you several ways!

    Options for making Internet free

    1. The easiest way is to use the free Wi-Fi zone. The way is completely legal. Wi-Fi zone can be found in public places - cafes, Internet cafes, libraries, train stations, public transport, cinemas, subways. The main thing - to find a suitable place and do not want to sit! The only negative is that you have to go with your laptop.
    2. The second way is to use Wi-Fi, but not free. It's about hacking, which is already illegal. Nevertheless, some are engaged in this activity, and quite successfully.You can hack the Wi-Fi of some of your neighbor at home, but if he finds out about this, be ready to deal with him and be held accountable to the law for his wrongdoing. If you are interested, read the article on our portal on how to find out the wifi password from your neighbors.
    3. How to make the Internet free? You can simply find a place with free internet that you can visit or a very kind person. For example, go to the library more often or visit a friend or relative.
    4. Another way is to catch satellite information. The only negative is not always what you want to download. Download it turns out that download satellite Internet users, but even among this information you can find a lot of useful information. To use the Internet in this way, you need. For this you need a satellite dish and a computer with a DVD-card.
    5. Sign a contract with a provider that allows you to use the Internet for free for some time. So, you can find a provider that offers several months of free Internet. True, such providers are not fools and offer this service in exchange for signing at least an annual contract.It turns out that for some time you are absolutely legally using the Internet, but after it expires you will have to start paying.

    Here, perhaps, so far these are all reasonable ways of how to make the Internet free. But be careful! Free cheese - only in a mousetrap! Remember this. Hacking other people's networks is illegal, for which you can be held responsible by the police. Do not think that if you quietly hack your neighbor's Wi-Fi, then everything will always be just great.

    What else can be done to make the Internet at least cheaper? Choose the most profitable provider, choose a cheap rate or install unlimited Internet. Let it be better cheap than illegal!

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