• How to make scissors in Minecraft?

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    How to make scissors in Minecraft?

    Minecraft is one of the most popular modern games. In many ways, because it gives players greater freedom of action. In this article you will learn how to make scissors in Minecraft and why they can be useful in the game.

    Making scissors in Minecraft

    This tool is made very simple: from 2 ingots of iron and workbench. Shears are used for shearing sheep (more specifically, for gathering wool), and shears do not deteriorate with this use. They are also used for cutting foliage, vines and tall grass, which are later used as decorations for houses.

    However, scissors suffer when cutting foliage and high grass, but when they destroy blocks, they do not deteriorate. Also scissors easily destroy the web, while receiving another resource - the thread. And they can be useful for cutting mushroom cows, from which you get mushrooms, and the cow will then become ordinary.

    The scissors tool is designed for 239 applications.Note here that when a sheep is killed, only 1 block of wool falls, and if you collect wool from a sheep with scissors, 2 or more blocks of wool will fall out. Agree, it is profitable - and more wool, and the animal does not need to kill. Also, to save dyes, it is best to dye the sheep before shearing: this will give you dyed blocks of wool.

    How to find iron ore and workbench

    The search for iron ore is easiest to start with the caves, which can be found walking around the area where you appeared. It can be located at a height of from 1 to 64 blocks. It is mined with the help of stone, iron and diamond picks. Having mined the iron blocks, you can melt them with the help of inventory into iron ingots, which are so necessary to create scissors.

    The workbench is a very useful device for crafting (creating) various things. This is one of the most important blocks in the game. This device can be easily made at any time from inventory in survival mode. Clicking the right mouse button on the workbench will open a window of 9 cells to create various tools. Now you can easily make a variety of items.

    And finally, we invite you to read our other articles about this great game.

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