• How to make registration in Moscow?

    Many are interested in the question of how to make a registration in Moscow. After all, it is necessary for everyone who arrives on its territory for more than three days. The goals are also different, some come to get education, others - to work, etc. So, we note right away that this procedure will take some time, about two weeks and will have to work hard to collect all the documents. Of course, much depends on what kind of registration you need, temporary or permanent. We are in this article will consider these two types of registrations in detail, so that you have no problems.

    Temporary registration in Moscow

    The following documents are submitted to the Federal Migration Service:

    1. Identity document (passport, passport, military ID, ID, certificate of release, etc.).
    2. If you have children, you will need a certificate of birth. It is important to know that children from 14 years of age make registration on their own.
    3. Application for registration at the place of residence, which must necessarily comply with the established form.
    4. A notarized copy of the document, where the grounds for settling in the room are stated.The original, so it will be necessary to bring, but it will give back.
    5. Address sheet arrival. In total, it will be necessary to fill in three copies, although it should be done by the persons who carry out the registration, but you may have to fill it yourself.
    6. Consent to the introduction of the employer.
    7. The consent of the owner of the premises, which you have chosen to move in, and his granting you the right to use.
    8. Consent of all adult citizens who live with the tenant in a residential area.

    Attention! The applicant provides his consent in a free form, but the parties to the agreement will leave their signatures, after which they must be assured with the help of a notary and then this is done in advance, or at the place of submission of documents to the migration service, an official who accepts all documents.

    As you see, it is not so difficult to make a temporary registration in Moscow if you certify some documents in advance. After all, this process takes a significant amount of time.

    Permanent registration in Moscow

    Citizens of a country change their place of residence, and Russia is no exception. And the most important thing in this business is to know where to register in Moscow. And it is done, it is in the Federal Migration Service and, of course, the following documents are provided:

    1. Identity document, best passport and new address of your residence. In this case, you will be stamped in the passport of a new residence permit, if you bring other documents, you will only be given a certificate of registration.
    2. You will receive a sample application to the head of the territorial division of the Federal Migration Service, for which you will need to write a statement from yourself. Here be careful in writing the passport data and do not abbreviate.
    3. Certified copy of the document on the basis for the introduction (contract of sale, certificate of inheritance of real estate or a statement of the tenant who provides housing).
    4. All tenants who will live with you will have to write a statement about the consent of your residence at a specific address.
    5. In the department of the Federal Migration Service, you will be able to pay the state duty for registration, and you also provide this receipt after payment. After that, within three days, the inspector will issue a passport with a stamp about the new place of residence.

    Remember that you should not rely on the promising stories of various agencies that are going to help you in this matter, because most often they give you fake documents, which can create huge legal problems for you.Namely, you are violating article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for punishment of imprisonment up to 4 years, or the payment of a fine, which often happens, as it is very difficult to prove in court that a person did not use fake documents consciously. But agree, to go through the courts and after paying a fine, it is completely unpleasant. Therefore, the best option is to register officially in Moscow by contacting a government agency, namely the Federal Migration Service. After all, in fact, super-complex operations you do not have to do, but everything will be legal, and you will not need to worry about the authenticity of documents.

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