• How to make New Year crafts with your own hands

    With the coming of December, there always comes a festive mood. And in anticipation of the New Year, many are visited by an insatiable desire to decorate their home with their own handicrafts. I present you step by step workshops with unique photos - how to make New Year's crafts with your own hands.

    Christmas crafts - a house for the Christmas tree elf


    That in the New Year and Christmas can be more magical than the Christmas tree. In the evening, when the light is extinguished, a fairy tale begins in the mysterious twinkling of lanterns in the branches. Everyone comes up with his own magical story.



    In some, the nutcracker defeats the king of mice, in others, the snowflakes lead round dances. We decided to compose a fairy tale about the Christmas elf. It will be constantly changing, overgrown with new plots, complemented by characters and most likely, each year will be different. Only the beginning of our tale will always be the same: - Once upon a time there was a little Christmas tree elf in his cozy little house, among fluffy spruce branches ... We decided to make such a fabulous house with our own hands today. Join us, because the fairy tale is already beginning!


    Christmas crafts with their own hands



    For walls, we take a rectangular piece from a cardboard box. Cut a hole for the window and mark the place for the door. We will reinforce the walls with a “wild stone”. Take the pieces of eggshell and glue it with white glue.

    To make our masonry look more realistic, we need to simulate traces of cement mortar in the joints. Yes, and the shells will hold on tight. Glue the walls with ordinary gray toilet paper. When it dries, we clean off the excess, exposing the protruding parts of our "stones". novogodnie-podelki-06




    Next, let's do the roof. From large pine cones we break off all the scales and glue them onto a cone made of cardboard. Here, without a glue gun, it will be tight, although a “Moment” type glue will fit. novogodnie-podelki-02






    When the scales of the cones adhere well, we will fit the pipe, because there will surely be a fireplace or a stove in the house so that our elf will live in heat and can boil magic potions or porridge.



    The pipe is twisted from a small piece of cardboard and pasted over it with lentils, as if this is a fireproof naked one. novogodnie-podelki-05


    For greater importance, we will make a ladder for the roof. It is from the same toilet paper, twisted into flagella. Yes, I almost forgot about the frame for the window, cut it out of cardboard. novogodnie-podelki-11


    Now we will install the roof in place and tint the facade of the house. We will do it in the usual gouache. Although acrylic will be better, it is not necessary to coat it with varnish.






    It remains to stick the finished fairy-tale house on the base. Since we have planned that our elf will have light in the window, we will cut a hole in the base for the LED.




    We wanted to decorate the "courtyard." Snow is cotton, and from it is also a snowman. The Christmas tree is that “stripped” cone, painted in green.This is not necessary, perhaps your elf will live in a hanging house. Then only the bottom and loop will be useful. novogodnie-podelki-15




    Here we made such a fabulous house with our own hands in the evening, and the little Christmas elf has already begun to live its own life. For him, the bathhouse, the cellar, and even the neighbors with their houses have already been invented, this is a hedgehog and a squirrel. Make Christmas toys with your own hands, with children you will compose your fairy tale, which they will remember for a lifetime, and even in adulthood on New Year's holidays they will always have the feeling that the magic is somewhere near!


    New Year crafts with their own hands with the Snow Maiden

    Decoupage decorate a bottle of champagne for the New Year

    A gift made by one's own hands is always original and unique. Do you want to surprise your loved ones? Make decoupage on a bottle of champagne. Such a Christmas hack will not remain unnoticed.


    Decoupage New Year's hack

    To decorate, you will need:

    • A bottle of champagne;
    • three-layer napkin with a Christmas motif;
    • PVA glue;
    • acrylic paint;
    • decorations.

    First of all, you need to clear the bottle of the stickers. To do this, dip it in a container with warm water and leave it for a while.


    Bottle for New Year's crafts


    Next, with masking tape we close the bottom of the foil on the neck. This will not paint it with paint during decoration.


    novogodnie-podelki-svoimi-rukami (2 )


    We cover the entire open surface of the bottle with acrylic paint. The first layer can be applied with a brush. After drying, paint the bottle a second time, but use a piece of sponge (“pripokokyvayem”).


    novogodnie-podelki-svoimi-rukami (3 )


    Literally in an hour, the acrylic paint will dry out, so you can remove the adhesive tape from the neck and proceed to the next stage of decoration. We take a napkin for decoupage and tear out a selected fragment of the pattern from it.


    novogodnie-podelki-svoimi-rukami (4 )


    We remove the two lower layers from the napkin, and the top one is laid face down on the stationery file. Gently pour some water on the drawing, straightening all the folds.


    novogodnie-podelki-svoimi-rukami (5 )


    Next, raise the file with a napkin, pour out excess water, turn it over and put it on the surface of the bottle. In this case, a fragment of the picture should be face up.


    novogodnie-podelki-svoimi-rukami (6 )


    Handshake the file. Make sure that the napkin is securely fixed on the surface, and then carefully remove the file from the bottle.


    How to make New Year's crafts with your own hands


    We dilute PVA glue with water in a one-to-one ratio. This solution is applied to the entire surface with a pattern with a brush. Her movements should be from the center to the edges, we try to smooth out all the folds and expel the bubbles.


    novogodnie-podelki-svoimi-rukami (8 )


    After the glue has completely dried, we take fine sandpaper (preferably “null”) and gently sand the outlines of the napkin. Also we process those places where irregularities were formed.


    novogodnie-podelki-svoimi-rukami (9 )


    Next, we take a sponge or a piecefoam rubber, dipped it in acrylic paint, “pripokokivaem” along the edges of a fragment of the picture. So we try to mask the transition from the napkin to the main surface of the bottle.


    novogodnie-podelki-svoimi-rukami (10 )


    The work is almost complete, it remains only to add some "highlight". For example, stick a ribbon on the neck. The easiest way to do this with a glue gun. The band will not only complete the whole ensemble, but also close the transition from paint to foil.

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