• How to make money on gold?

    Ekaterina Zhukova
    Ekaterina Zhukova
    September 8, 2014
    How to make money on gold?

    Over the centuries, gold has been one of the most important material values ​​of man. This precious metal has earned this reputation due to its durable properties and rarity.

    Currently, gold has gained more and investment attractiveness. And this is not surprising, because investing in gold is one of the most reliable types of investment. About the various ways of how to invest in gold to earn on it, and will be discussed further.

    How to make money on gold: types of investments

    Each of the following types of investments in gold has its own characteristics, about which every potential investor needs to know.

    1. Buying gold bars. Banks, selling ingots, reckon VAT on their price (18%), and they do not return this money when they buy back. In addition, a separate fee is charged for storing the ingot outside the special depository of the bank, and another 10% is charged for the backward sale for the examination of authenticity.That is, for real income from bars, gold should rise in price by at least 25% over the year. You should also be wary of joining financial pyramids offering to buy bars that are not subject to VAT and quickly earn bonuses from attracting new customers. This scheme is a deliberate deception, since with it physical gold is not needed at all. The financial pyramid works on the principle of snowball. For example, if to ensure the payment of your bonuses you need to lure 14 people into the system, then every 15th participant will benefit as a result, and the steel ones will lose their deposits.
    2. Buying weight gold coins of the Central Bank. The cost of such coins is usually not much different from the current value of the gold itself. Coins are easy to sell, but usually they are bought by banks at a rate well below the rate of their initial sale. Income generation is possible, but it does not happen quickly.
    3. Opening of an “impersonal metal account” (OMS) in a bank. On this account, only grams of the precious metal are recorded. At the same time, banks take into account the amount of gold paid by customers on the basis of its current value in the world market, and when closing an account, it pays them the value of gold at the current price.
    4. Investing in rare coins.A one-ounce gold coin of numismatic value can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is a profitable investment, since the price of such coins can jump very high.
    5. Investments in exchange traded funds or ETF (exchange-traded funds). These "gold funds" give the investor the right to participate in the gold trade without the need for physical purchase. In the traded foreign instruments of the gold market can be invested through intermediaries, or independently (through the system of Internet trading).

    Knowing how to make money on gold, you can significantly increase your material income. The main thing - to monitor the dynamics of the market and not fall for the scam.

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