• How to make money on bets?

    The most important point in how to make money on bets is in understanding one simple thing, namely in relation to bets, which we mainly will talk about. We will also address organizational issues in planning activities based on the rates for various sports and not only events.

    Can I make money on bets

    The most frequently asked question. The answer is yes you can. And how much can you earn? In general, how much you want, the main thing to remember about some rules.

    1. Betting is not a lottery. Of course, the degree of luck plays a very important role in this method of earning income, but nevertheless not all depends on luck here. This is the difference between bets from roulette in a casino or from buying lottery tickets. Although, admittedly, even in roulette there is a game strategy.
    2. To make money on bets, one "chuyki" is not enough. Many, especially beginners, players boast and declare that they feel certain results. It's funny and sorry to look at them when their “chuik” in an “incomprehensible way” fails.Everything is just clear: if the feeling is not supported by knowledge, the game turns into a guessing game. You may be lucky once, twice, even five, but will not be infinitely lucky.
    3. The more information a person has, knowledge about teams, their relationship (results of past games, personnel changes, etc., etc.), the more likely it is that it predicts the outcome of the confrontation. That is why earnings at the rates - almost the same job, like everything else, and you need to take this seriously. Here I allow myself a small digression.

    Most, most likely, will object to me: they say, well, what kind of work is it? How can sports predictions be considered a serious occupation? To this I can answer: and what work, for example, the game of football? This, too, is entertainment, however, highly paid and demanding large physical costs. And billiards, and poker tournaments? Entertainment? Yes. But for someone a hobby, and for someone a job. The same thing here: there is a sports entertainment industry, as well as bets on various political, economic and other events, why not try to make money? And just attitude to this, as to work, and helps some to live at the expense of rates and make money on sports betting enough decent money.I do not urge you to give up everything and do just that, I just want to say that for some it’s more than just entertainment. And it is they who earn on the bets more than others.

    How to make money on betting

    The easiest way is to guess the outcome of a football match. Not the result, but the outcome. That is, it is important for us, not with what score this or that team won (although there are such bets, but this is often the lottery), but did it win at all. Therefore, bets are accepted on winning the hosts, on winning guests and on a draw. And putting the same amount for each outcome, you will get different profits if you guess. The whole thing is that in pairs, as a rule, one team is stronger than the other and you will pay less for winning a strong opponent because the probability of his victory is very high. It is clear that in a pair of "Milan" - the team of the trolleybus park in the event of the victory of "Milan" you are unlikely to earn something, but get rich if you win the trolleybus fleet, but what is the probability that he will win? Probably less than 0.001%. Bookmaker, by the way, will always benefit, as there are probably a few dozen risky guys,who put on this very park (and suddenly win or draw in a draw?) and pay back not only the win on Milan, but also bring profit to the owner of the tote. Well, now about betting sites.

    Where to make money online betting

    I will give you links to popular and proven bookmakers whom I know myself or on the recommendations of friends who are interested in this business.

    • - a very popular Swedish office, which stood at the very origins of Internet betting (betting business on the Internet). In addition, Unibet is valued for the high quality of the service of so-called live bets, when you can bet right during the match;
    • - Austrian bookmaker, well known all over the world and highly value its reputation, respected even among competitors;
    • - in Russia, this world-famous British office began to work recently, so you have the opportunity to even get a small bonus when registering as an amount to the account. By the way, William Hill is considered a model for building quotes for many sporting events, as the company has very competent analysts.

    You can find a complete overview of all bookmakers here - choose, because now you know a lot about how to make money on bets. Good luck to you!

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