• How to make fragrant and tasty homemade bread?

    Fragrant, tasty and crisp bread, which beckons with its ruddy appearance - this is what a loaf of fresh bread is associated with. It is very difficult to resist such a thing, because the bread's delicious smells literally intoxicate the mind with their kind and warm notes.

    Baking bread is an ancient tradition of our people, which is probably why it is always the aroma of fresh bread that evokes a feeling of comfort, warmth and hometown. Few mothers and grandmothers did not bake bread, the current variety of bakery products, of course, deprives all the problems associated with the need to bake bread, but can home baked goods be compared with its store counterparts? Of course not!

    Only homemade cakes can have this flavor.

    Bread has an ancient and rich history, which dates back long before our era. In order to learn how to cook bread, it is necessary to approach this matter with love and art, to know, at least in general terms, how this fragrant flour product came to us.

    It turns out that bread was baked in ancient Egypt, and the Egyptians with might and main used the technology of sourdough, which was made from soaked cereals, which quickly began to ferment in the open air. A little later, in Egypt, the first yeast appeared, which simplified the process of baking bread. Bread came to Europe thanks to the Romans, in the Middle Ages there was already a huge number of bakeries.

    The truth is worth noting that at first he served not only food, from stale remnants they made plates for the nobility, who, after tasting their meal, gave them to their dogs and the poor.

    But in Russia, black bread made from rye flour was the most common, it was more nutritious and cheaper than wheat bread. When periods of crop failure came, there was not enough grain reserves, beets, potatoes or carrots were added to flour products, and sometimes even nettles, acorns or oak bark.

    You can bake any bread

    About a century ago, only the villagers baked bread, using Russian ovens for this, and the townspeople always purchased such products from bakers. Now, every woman who is interested in baking bread can be engaged in bread, because homemade bread is not only tasty, but also very useful, which is not always possible to say about store products.

    And, most interestingly, baking bread is now a very fashionable and widespread occupation. To properly prepare homemade bread, it will be necessary to work a little, but this does not mean that baking homemade bread is a very difficult and lengthy task that is not so easy to overcome. All these are stupid stereotypes, which even should not be listened to.

    Homemade pastries will always have a lot of advantages: firstly, you always know what ingredients you put into it, and there are only four of them - flour, water, yeast and salt.

    Secondly, you are always confident in the sterility of your product, besides you can always supplement your product with various additives and goodies - seeds, nuts, dried fruit or berries, in general, everything that your family loves.

    Garlic is just delicious.

    It has long been known that homemade bread even has a different taste, and often these are not poetic metaphors, but quite understandable reality. Just at home, you can use any kind of flour, which can give a specific taste.

    Often homemade bread is prepared in the oven, but now there are recipes that allow you to bake it in a bread maker or a slow cooker. Of course, each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

    For example, the indisputable advantage of baking bread in the oven is the fact that it is always obtained with a crispy and beautiful crust, which you will not achieve in a bread maker. Due to the design features of this device, all heating occurs only from the bottom, so the upper part of the product is most often pale.

    But, of course, the big advantage of the bread machine is that it kneads, forms and bakes the dough for you, you can not even follow it, she will do everything herself, without your participation. This, of course, is suitable for very busy ladies, but is it interesting? Many housewives like to bake in a slow cooker, the whole kneading process can be done independently, and as a result the bread turns out to be crispy and very tasty.

    The secrets of making delicious homemade bread

    Usually, homemade bread is prepared in two main ways: with or without yeast, with sourdough. For those who are going to do this for the first time, it is better to resort to the yeast method, since, seemingly simple, at first glance, leaven, requires careful attention, skill and time.

    It should ferment for 3-4 days, and during this period you will have to constantly add flour and water,to knead it, some craftsmen add hops, raisins, grapes, even wine to it, but this is for those who have been engaged in breadmaking for a long time.

    The fragrance can not be compared with anything

    Yeast is usually used sponge or bezoparny, usually which ones will need to apply, indicated in the recipe. There is no special difference among them, the main thing to remember is that the dough is immediately added to the yeast, and the sponge should be pre-diluted with warm water. The main thing warm, but not hot, is, by the way, a common mistake of many novice hostesses.

    Further, depending on the type of bread that you want to get, you need to choose flour, from which you will produce your culinary brainchild. Usually use wheat flour or rye, if you want to bake rye product.

    Beginners better to start purely with wheat flour, you can add a little rye to it, for taste. But baking bread entirely from rye flour is quite difficult, this process requires a lot of physical effort. A mixture of wheat and rye flour to knead more difficult than just wheat, and the loaf turns a dense, grayish tint.

    Flour must be sifted, it is not a whim, but a real necessity.Usually this is done with the help of a fine sieve, at this time the flour is saturated with oxygen, and the dough turns out to be pleasantly porous and airy.

    For many women, the worst thing is the process of kneading the dough, because in some baking recipes this time can reach several hours, but, fortunately, you only need to knead bread for 5-10 minutes, most importantly, intensively. You can, of course, use a food processor, but remember that you did not come up with another device that could knead the dough the same way as a baker's hands.

    What is useful homemade bread?

    Everybody in his head firmly sat down the idea that any bakery products are only harmful, and nothing more. And this is really so, if you buy store bread, which is baked from high-grade wheat flour, most often it is refined, and does not bring much value.

    Homemade bread - never contains harmful additives. In addition, it is always possible to add the most useful and vitamin grades of flour, the lower it is, the flour is richer for vitamins and microelements.

    Depending on the type of flour, you can always enrich your bread with new flavors and qualities that are valuable to health. For example, in oatmeal there are amino acids, B and A vitamins, as well as trace elements that benefit the liver and have a rejuvenating effect.

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