• How to make flowers in Minecraft?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    December 19, 2014
    How to make flowers in Minecraft?

    Flowers are a popular type of plant in Minecraft. Thanks to them, you can decorate the house adjoining site. There are several types of them, so you can choose to your taste. Below will be described how to make flowers in Minecraft.

    Making flowers in Minecraft

    It is important to know that the flowers in this game do not grow like other plants - trees or wheat. They can be planted on grass and earth blocks, but they have little or no value, therefore they are most often used to create dyes. Read more about this in our article How to make a dye in Minecraft.

    Flowers are generated automatically on blocks of land in various biomes, including those covered with snow. You can also craft them. To do this, sprinkle with a block of flour grass. Also, the flower will need lighting by moonlight or sunlight. The following types of flowers can grow on the block:

    • chamomile;
    • dandelion;
    • poppy;
    • blue orchid;
    • blue cornflower;
    • bow;
    • red, pink, white and orange tulips;
    • sunflower;
    • lilac;
    • peony;
    • rose bush.

    It is very important that the block, sprinkled with bone meal, be well lit, otherwise the flower will collapse, and all efforts will be wasted.

    For flowers you may need a pot.

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