• How to make dry ice?

    Tatyana Getmanets
    Tatyana Getmanets
    January 28, 2013
    How to make dry ice?

    Ice is hard and wet, and sometimes dry, resembling a haze. In the first case, ice is used to cool some liquid, as a means of first aid and just for creative horizons. Frozen ice can always be found in your own refrigerator, but dry ice is most often purchased at the store. I wonder how to make dry ice at home? It turns out that everything is possible.

    What is dry ice

    What is dry ice? This is the solid phase of carbon dioxide. Such ice is non-toxic, has no taste, color and smell. It does not ignite and is absolutely “indifferent” to electricity. Dry ice is always at a reduced temperature and, if it passes, it is only from a solid to a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid phase. Such an interesting process has not less original name - sublimation. Carbon dioxide is produced in industry and is the raw material for dry ice. Such ice can be stored for a long time in isothermal containers.

    How to make dry ice at home

    So how to make dry ice at home? It turns out not so difficult. It is necessary for this to take a cylinder of liquid carbon dioxide, lay it on its side and properly fasten. Then, to the exit fitting the neck of the canvas bag is screwed with a thin wire. The next step is to open the valve quickly and quickly! After a couple of minutes, this bag should be filled with a substance of white color that looks like snow. Here you are, this is dry ice.

    It is worth noting that the manufacture of dry ice at home, a fascinating occupation, but very expensive. Before you indulge yourself with such "surprises", think about how much you need dry ice and in what capacity you will use it.

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