• How to make anal sex like

    The topic of anal sex is delicate, but at the same time requiring the absence of both people in a pair of prejudices and unjustified negative attitude from the very beginning. Since childhood, many people, not only girls, parents persistently inspire that everything connected with the fifth point is dirty and shameful. Usually the child can not somehow answer this. So people grow up with prejudices fixed in the subconscious, and it is difficult to try to persuade them to try something new in sex.
    Therefore, the first and very important point in learning how to enjoy anal sex is the absence of such installations. In the presence of prejudice, you can no longer read.
    Next is a very important aspect - hygiene. Despite the fact that the Marquis de Sade wrote that in order to get pleasure one must necessarily get dirty, one should not follow his advice better.It is best to thoroughly wash the anus once or twice a day (depending on the number of bowel movements per day) with soap or shampoo and in case of irritation use a softening cream.
    One of the phobias concerning anal sex is the fear of getting dirty. Do not worry so much: fecal masses occur in the rectum deeper than the length of the average penis.
    Do not ignore the enema. Despite the deep occurrence of fecal masses, the probability of picking up bacteria in the rectum in abundance is always present. Regular enema to anything, but before the sex itself to do it would be highly desirable.
    It is extremely important to take care of lubricants in advance, without which the first anal penetration can threaten injuries for both. In principle, the best option is a lubricant specially bought in the sex shop, although if anal sex happens or is planned on a regular basis, this can cost you a lot of money. Replacing the lubricant is easy enough - almost any children's cream or hand cream is suitable. Only beforehand it is necessary to check for slipping and the absence of an allergic reaction in both partners and to make sure that there are no alcohol-containing substances in the composition.
    It also makes sense to attend to the acquisition of special condoms. First, because there is a risk of semen leakage and, therefore, pregnancy, and secondly, the man will be protected from unpleasant infections.
    But even after buying all the proper items and cleaning the intestines you should not hurry, because before the introduction it is necessary to relax the muscles of the anus, so that the penetration is as painless as possible. A massage, long preliminary caresses, especially oral, and a careful fingering will suit. If the insertion of the finger is already painful - stop and either continue the prelude for more relaxation, or take it all the next time. If the finger normally enters the anus, or two, it is possible to use a lubricant. It is necessary to enter carefully and slowly, the most preferable (for a start, at least) poses - on all fours and sideways.
    If the first time still delivers discomfort - do not despair. Once the sphincter of the anus is often not enough to get used to, and the girl begins to get pleasure from the fourth to the fifth times. If the sensations brought severe discomfort - do not try to repeat it again, better visit the proctologist once again.

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